ZooKeeper Simulator

System requirements ZooKeeper Simulator

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Disk Space: 2 GB


ZooKeeper Simulator

Want to get the most out of your new game simulator? Then we present to your attention ZooKeeper Simulator, in which there will be two teams. Each of them performs a certain function, for example, the Zoo is engaged in supporting the park itself, and animals prevent bursts of violence. In addition, you can pick up animals to replenish your zoo and thereby attract more visitors. Animals can pick up different objects that are scattered throughout the game location.

More about the game

For the game you can choose one of the five animals presented. It can be a monkey, fish, elephant, penguin and giraffe. Each of the animals has different features and characteristics. For example, a giraffe can get everything from a height, thanks to a long neck, a penguin rolls and glides over the surface, the fish spits out water when it rises to the surface. A person can interact with objects from the environment. In order to go on an exciting journey through the territory of the zoo, you need to go to our website and download the ZooKeeper Simulator torrent, which is available for free.

Game features

In order for you to better navigate the terrain, the game presents a map of the territory of the zoo with all the entertainment buildings. Nearby there is a restaurant, various attractions, a huge Ferris wheel, a toilet, a large number of springs, a souvenir shop and a veterinary pharmacy. There is also parking for vehicles. In addition to a single player campaign, the game has a built-in cooperative mode that allows you to enter the game up to 6 people at a time. All events of the game will be held in this zoo. There are a lot of animals here, as well as visitors. You need to look after everyone so that no unusual situations occur. The zoo is made in great detail, taking into account all the details and looks pretty realistic. You have to explore it, because you must know every corner of your territory.

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