Zniw Adventure

System requirements Zniw Adventure:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Video card: DirectX 9.0 / OpenGL / 512 MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 900 MB


Zniw Adventure

If you are missing beautiful and interesting stories, then we are in a hurry to share our new find – the game Zniw Adventure. This time you will have the opportunity to go on a journey that will delight you with a variety of interesting situations in which dinosaurs will be tied. No, they are not predatory and live a calm measured life. You have to play as a yellow dinosaur named Zniw. This is a girl and she dreams of finding the best and original gift for her mother as soon as possible. And in order to do this, she will have to carefully examine the environment and try to use all her new possibilities correctly. Help Zniw find a gift and try to complete all the tasks.

More about the game

The main advantage of the adventure will be the ability to control the main character and solve various and interesting tasks. First, you have to get to know all the characters around, then you will need to find a common language with them and begin to extract information. But not everyone will be happy to share their opinions, because they have to help so that they can trust and fully devote themselves to your questions. At first, the tasks will be as simple as possible, and then you will have to carefully examine the environment and try to look for new ways to achieve success. Are you ready for such activity? Then you should download Zniw Adventure via torrent on your PC for free and hit the road.

Classic entertainment

In addition to cartoon graphics, you will also find classic controls. It will be enough to secure clicks and interact with the environment in order not only to perform actions, but also to talk and even fight. During the journey, you will be able to find out not only the details about this world, but also the opportunity to talk to the most silent characters. You shouldn’t rush, the game itself will provide all the available opportunities, you just need to try and enjoy every moment of the game. And for the first steps, it will be enough to download the Zniw Adventure torrent on your PC and you can start acting.

The dinosaur world has become completely different, friendly and very cute places. The time has come to get to know him in more detail and try to love every minute of the time spent in this environment. You will not be disappointed and will rejoice like a child of such a good-natured story of finding a gift for your mother.

Game features

An unusual and original story about dinosaurs who began to live like humans with their own economy, social relations and problems.
The huge world to explore will tell many interesting stories about every character you meet.
Nice and easy puzzles, the reward for which will be information.
Charismatic heroes with whom you will not want to part.

On this page you can download the game Zniw Adventure torrent free on a PC.



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