Zack Zero

System requirements Zack Zero

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor: 2.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
HDD: 4 GB on the hard drive
Video card: Nvidia 8600 GT with 512 MB of memory
DirectX Version: 9.0c


Zack Zero

Zack Zero is an arcade game with good graphics and simple controls, which is typical for classic 2D. You have to help the main character Zach, save his beloved Marlene, who was kidnapped by the evil Zulrog. The villain is trying in every way to get the substance with which he would have the opportunity to travel into the past.

The whole gameplay is focused on unusual costume technology. He gives the main character the power of the elements, with the help of them you can solve various problems that fall in your path. The suit has 4 modes of operation: normal, ice, stone and fire. Using skillfully 10 unique skills, you can defeat any enemies and help Zack achieve his main goal.

Zack Zero is incredible 3D graphics and simple controls, typical of classic 2D. Help Zach save his beloved Marlene, kidnapped by the evil Zulrog. The villain is trying to get a substance that will help him travel into the past. Zack Zero is built around a gameplay that focuses on an unusually high-tech costume of the protagonist, giving Zach the power of the elements to solve various tasks before him. The suit has four modes of operation, with its pros and cons: normal, fiery, ice and stone. You can use 10 unique skills that, when used skillfully, will crush any enemies and help Zack achieve his goal.

Game features

Zack Zero is Crocodile Entertainment’s first game released exclusively for the PS3 until recently. The game itself is a platformer made in pseudo-3D. Your goal is to save Marlene, the girl of the protagonist Zach, from the clutches of the evil galactic villain Zurlog. Zack Zero is a freshly baked and at the same time debut platformer from a completely new developer Crocodile Entertainment, who jumped out of the box like a devil. A project that sends us to a huge number of platformers of the late 80s and early 90s of the last century, at a time when this genre dominated the consoles. Let’s take a look at what the developers offer us.

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