Xuan-Yuan Sword 7

System requirements Xuan-Yuan Sword 7

Operating System: Windows  7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Also: Keyboard, mouse


Xuan-Yuan Sword 7

Do you already miss the old-school FPS? If so, you can download the Xuan-Yuan Sword 7 torrent and see in front of you a combination of an excellent classic shooter made in the Doom or Quake genre and an exciting action game similar to Devil May Edge. The whole story begins in the genre direction of ARPG in a third-person format. You will have to travel back to ancient China and play as a calm professional swordsman named Taishi Zhao. A heavy burden overtook him.

More about the game

To protect his family, Taishi needs to travel and look for answers to very creepy questions. When the Han Dynasty ruled the country, the Prime Minister decided to “sit” the emperor and seized power with his Xin Dynasty. And after that, strange words appeared on the ancient stones, and all living creatures were petrified, the tombs opened, which became an omen of prosperity and peace for China.

Story line

In one of the crypts in the Xuan-Yuan Sword 7 game, which belonged to the Marquis of Liu, an interesting bamboo scroll was discovered in which there was a prediction. He was removed and sent for study to the court astrologer. On the same day, a mysterious fire hit the mansion of our hero, which burned the whole family. And the bamboo scroll was lost. And now ten years have passed, and the prophecy with prosperity and prosperity has not descended to the lands of China, leaving its inhabitants to starve and suffer from military operations. The country was swept by chaos and anarchy. And then they found the bamboo scroll again …

Features of the game Xuan-Yuan Sword 7:

Enjoy the vibrant and colorful combo battles.
This project is also a role-player in real time.
The combat system is carefully designed and balanced, there are elements such as, for example, counterattack, blocking, dodging, etc.
The key artifact in the game is the scroll of Elysium, it will also be the key to it at the same time. It is with the help of Elysium that the main character will be able to devour his opponents, create magic items, etc. Also, one of the key abilities of this scroll is the ability to slow down everything that happens, as a result of this, the physical indicators of objects located nearby change. Elysium will help you defeat all rivals, and it can also spawn new monsters with different abilities. The energy of the scroll can be directed towards improving the abilities of the main character. In this way, you can improve your armor and weapons performance and develop other passive talents in Xuan-Yuan Sword 7.

Mohists in the game

You ask, what is mohism? This is a very ancient Chinese philosophy, which is associated with rationality in thinking, the development of science and logical abilities. There was a time when mohism was very popular in China. Along with Confucianism. In the game project Xuan-Yuan Sword 7, the Mohists will have original abilities of a very high level, which is called “Mechanics”. They can act outside the time stream. The disagreements that gripped the people cast doubt on the faith and made their brotherhoods disintegrate, and therefore weaken. Will the once very powerful Mohists be able to regain their former glory and greatness, or will they remain forgotten in history.

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