System requirements xDasher

OS: Windows 64bit
Processor: 2.0 GHz (Quad Core)
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: Intel (R) HD Graphics 620
Disk space: 200 MB
Additionally: min. 1280×720 Display Resolution, Controller recommended



Group battles against monsters have always been a lot of fun and new experiences. Therefore, today we did not hold your attention and invite you to fully immerse yourself in these entertainments, which will delight you not only with details, but also with new rules of warfare. In the xDasher adventure, you will travel to a futuristic world in which color has become the main element in defining the strengths and weaknesses of monsters and heroes. Correct color manipulation allowed to successfully fight against a wide variety of enemies and even gain unprecedented power. True, many have figured out the intricacies of such a system and now it is far from always being used for good.

More about the game

As you already understood, the main goal of the adventure will be to fight against various monsters. Who attacked the environment and terrorize the civilian population. True, in the process of careful study, it became clear that ordinary people rule over monsters. Who just wish everyone harm. They achieved this thanks to an unusual color system and gamut combination. Therefore, in order to actively resist such monsters, their color will have to be taken into account so as not to become an easy victim for the attackers. Initially, the system will resist your intervention, but then the protection will grow into something more frightening and dangerous. Don’t waste time and take the chance to download xDasher via torrent on your PC for free.

A dangerous confrontation

Remember that the early stages of the adventure will be the easiest and will not force you to stress too much. And then something more serious and dangerous will already begin, as you have to adapt to the situation, start paying attention to the environment and have time to react to the color change. It sounds rather difficult, but nevertheless you will have the opportunity to have time to get the necessary portion of information and have time to prepare your hero.


You will fight in a group of the same heroes, so try to combine your skills and actions in order to gradually move towards the desired result. But first you need to download the xDasher torrent on your PC and only after that start taking the first steps. The confrontation between heroes and monsters has already become a kind of adventure and a unique opportunity to prove yourself. Try to achieve a good result and become the best among all other heroes.

Game features

A large selection of characters in a variety of formats.
Dangerous enemies that will attack not only in a group, but also unite into one entity – the boss.
Unusual control system using different colors.

On this page you can download the game via torrent xDasher free on a PC.



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