System requirements Wotheguel:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: İntel Core i5 Gen 5
Video card: Radeon Rx 550 / GTX 970
Disk space: 4 GB




Time spares no one, so you have the opportunity to see what progress brings. For example, today we want to tell the story of Wotheguel about a world that fell under the onslaught of development and now it is necessary to collect magic diamonds for existence and peaceful development. Initially, there were many of them, but greed destroyed all reserves and now it is necessary to use any available planets for production. You will play as a mercenary who is engaged in the extraction and transportation of diamonds. He has a wealth of experience and knows that the most valuable specimens are in dangerous places. Therefore, he decides to go to a fantastic forest and try to use all his capabilities for the full extraction of this precious resource.

More about the game

The fantastic forest has long been known to the world for its high share of danger and wealth. But not everyone can survive in it and get the desired resources. After all, monsters have long settled on its expanses. They fiercely attack all survivors and try to actively use any tricks to lure their victims into traps. But do not worry, as your hero is armed with several types of guns at once, which will help him fight off a flock of hungry and dangerous creatures. You just have to download Wotheguel via torrent on your PC for free and you can enjoy all the available spaces.

Dangerous puzzles

Besides the fact that you have to actively fight dangerous monsters, do not forget about the presence of dangerous traps, ruins and dead ends. Sometimes it will seem that the planet on which you are trying to mine diamonds is alive and is testing you on purpose, adjusting the most unpredictable situations. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired result, you need to make a lot of effort and try to achieve success by solving various problems and trying to actively use any opportunities. And to start realizing your full potential, you just need to download the Wotheguel torrent on your PC and move only forward.

Now the fate of the mercenary and his condition will depend on your decisions. Are you ready to show your skill and defeat all the monsters? Do you have enough attention to solve the tasks? And are you ready to risk your life to mine valuable diamonds? All this can be learned after your first steps. So don’t waste your time and just take action.

Game features

Large selection of weapons.
The mercenary has personal skills.
A huge amount of precious diamonds.
A beautiful but dangerous fantastic forest.

On this page you can download the game Wotheguel torrent free on a PC.



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