Worms Rumble


System requirements Worms Rumble

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or FX-4350
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: 2GB NVIDIA GeForce or 2GB AMD Radeon
Gamepad support: Full


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Worms Rumble

This is a game that combines the classic Worms series with a focus on real-time multiplayer battles, offering a royal battle involving 32 people, a fight to the death and more. Team17 Digital is responsible for the game, creates the previous parts and is known for releasing games such as Overcooked and Neon Abyss. Worms Rumble is all that is known from previous releases, but it can be played in real time, which makes the game much more deadly and dynamic. The worms have a typical arsenal, such as a bazooka, ultrasound, shotgun or sacred grenade.

More about the game

The skillful use of weapons and knowledge of the trajectory of missiles in the game Worms Rumble is the key to success in battles taking place in humorous locations, full of platforms, tunnels, passages and specific elements that can be used to our advantage and to our detriment. The game offers several game modes, such as a 32-player royal battle or a deathmatch, but we can take part in battles with other players in a single or multiplayer team.

Game features

In addition, here you will find special events, both seasonal and daily, for the completion of which you will find special prizes and additional experience points. They, along with the currency in the game, allow us to buy accessories, hats and other items to set our earthworm apart from the crowd of others like it, dress up in our chef’s hat, unicorn outfit or stylish glasses, and change the skin of weapons and smiles, among which we can find fun dance styles and more. Worms Rumble is a three-dimensional game in which, controlling a third-person earthworm, we move through colorful maps rich in detail.

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