World War Toons


System requirements World War Toons

OS: Windows
Processor: Dual core
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Grafik: Graphics Card
Disk space: more than 2 GB
Gamepad support: Partial

World War Toons

World War Toons is a cartoon game, moreover, a funny cartoon that allows you to laugh heartily at various funny military situations. The project is being developed by the Reload studio. Here, perhaps, one cannot ignore the fact that this studio was founded by former employees of Infinity Ward, who at one time worked hard on the games of the Call of Duty series. This circumstance gives the right to hope that the military component of the project will be implemented at the highest level.

Game graphics

As for the realism and seriousness, in this case the direction was chosen as playful. Download torrent World War Toons for those who played Battlefield Heroes, as these games are very similar. By the way, Reload Studios plans to offer us the opportunity to conduct combat both as an infantryman and as an impressive tank. Oh yes, we almost forgot about the most important thing – the game will support virtual reality devices. More precisely, it is developed specifically for them, although the normal mode is also present.


The developers promise exciting gameplay and captivating storyline. They plan to present the virtual world in a completely new way, and some gamers have already managed to evaluate the first results of an interesting experiment.

Game features

The executive producer shared that he’s always interested in what’s still new to the audience. Virtual reality devices are confidently, but so far, slowly entering the world of video games, so the Reload team strives to create something new, to raise the bar for immersion in the process and the feeling of presence to the highest possible level. Of course, in order to appreciate this from the trailer, you need to at least connect 3D glasses, and this function is not provided. Therefore, while it remains only to wait for news about the release date or, possibly, the launch of alpha, beta testing.

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