World of Warships

System requirements World of Warships

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.6 GHz and higher
Video Card: 512 Mb – 1024 Mb

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World of Warships

Finally, what has been waiting for World of Tanks fans for so long has happened. Wargaming has heard the pleas of their fans and released World of Warships for PC. In this game, unlike its predecessor, there will be no land battles, because this time the sea is the battlefield.

In battle, representatives of military ships of many epochs will converge, starting from the Second World War and up to modern times. Among the branches of nations available for government are the United States of America and Japan. But there are some representatives of such powers as the Russian Empire / Soviet Union, Great Britain, and also Germany. The update promised to add ships of the Polish Navy. Among the classes of ships found destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers.

At the same time, they present both real-life ships and those whose projects could not be realized. Submarines and torpedo boats are not yet planned to be added. Through updates, added dynamic weather conditions, now in the middle of the battle begins to rain, which can develop into a shower. Also, the save is stored in the game client, which allows you to continue playing, after downloading the World of Warships torrent to another computer, without losing statistics and dialing ships. It remains to dream of a possible unification of the entire trilogy about military equipment, in one game, which would allow to arrange a full-scale battle, where the player can find a place with different preferences.

The name of the computer game World of Warships speaks for itself, because the very people who once gave the world the well-known entertainment called World of Tanks were responsible for the development of this project. Since then, there are so many tankers around the Globe that there is no place for ordinary infantry. But over the years that have passed since the release, the developers did not stand still, but constantly improved their project, besides, generating new franchises, such as the same World of Warplanes.

But, as you have probably already guessed, the main feature of this particular PC game is the use of many types of ships as combat equipment, destroying opponents one after another. For this, they move not by land, but by water. For them, this is a native home, so to speak, they feel like a fish in water. But you should not think that your attention should be focused only on your ship, because there are so many opponents here that your eyes will diverge.

In addition, downloading the torrent of the World of Warships, you need not only to destroy enemies, but also not to forget about repairing and improving your own ship, thanks to which it will acquire a special, interesting and awesome look. And indeed there are a lot of models of these ships, thanks to which, the soul sings and rejoices.



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