Witches Heroes and Magic

System requirements Witches, Heroes and Magic:

Operating System: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2GHz
Video Card: 512MB GPU with Shaders 3.0
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Hard disk space: 2 GB



Witches, Heroes and Magic

The igrodely AweSwan, in February 2015, presented the release of their brainchild, an india toy that gathered the favorite heat of many gamers. The game Witches, Heroes and Magic is recommended to download torrent primarily to role-playing players – strategists and fans of “Heroes of Might and Magic.” This action game not only gathered different directions, it gave a new life to the “Heroes”, it became a kind of reincarnation of this game. Against the background of colorful locations traced in three-dimensional graphics, you will be doing quests in real time, from a third party. This is just a dream of fans of the game “Heroes of Might and Magic”. So if you are one, you just need to download the Witches, Heroes and Magic torrent right now using our site.

More about the game

Events unfold in a fantasy middle ages. The world is filled with fairy-tale characters, creatures from legends. Bright and colorful visuals will make the game more fun.


The game begins on behalf of your character, who is destined to become a commander in the future. You will explore the land, traveling through forests, fields and other rough terrain, along the way fighting various unclean brothers and small monsters, collecting artifacts and recruiting soldiers for the future army. Increasing the number, starting from a sabotage and partisan detachment of ten units. In the process of battles you will gain strength, taking more and more ambitious decisions. So you will assemble a legion in which there will be not only many units, but also warriors representing various races. Before the numerous legion under your leadership, not a single army can resist. Ents, manticores, orcs and dragons will fall before your greatness. The armies of many kingdoms will be defeated.

Upon reaching the post of great commander, you will not need to personally take part in the battles. Now you are a strategist and tactician. From now on, your task is to help the army in the form of spells for attacks. The use of healing or black magic.


Enjoying the perfect graphics, you will participate and manage various battles, create troops from different races, subspecies and nationalities. The siege of structures, the assault and defense of fortifications. The use of different types of magic. Diplomacy and treacherous intrigues. You will have to go through many tests. Take the risk of downloading Witches, Heroes and Magic via torrent, and you will spend more than one exciting evening in the company of this game. You will want to go through it again and again to enjoy unusual quests and great graphics.

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