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Systems: Windows / macOS / Linux / Android / iOS
Interface: English
Size: device dependent



Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN is a secure VPN service designed to anonymously surf the web and bypass regional restrictions when visiting blocked sites. It is a lightweight application that allows you to visit pages on the Internet completely anonymously without the risk of being tracked by ad modules. Protection is provided through the use of an encrypted tunnel between computers and dedicated service servers.

Easy to use VPN client

The application comes with a user-friendly and modern interface that is well-thought-out and intuitive. To get started, just select the server you want, and Windscribe VPN will automatically create an encrypted connection, which will ensure anonymity and privacy while surfing. The application has a built-in firewall function that allows you to disconnect all connections that are not established via VPN. Thus, Windscribe VPN provides an extra layer of protection by preventing your real IP address from leaking. The function will be very useful when you restart your computer or when the Wi-Fi connection suddenly fails.

Switch between 3 connection modes

The program offers three different connection modes, which use different ports and which will be useful in different situations. In most cases, the default mode is fine. However, in some situations, some ports may be blocked or the ISP may perform deep network analysis. In this case, you can switch to the fallback TCP protocol, and if the connection is not established, then you need to switch to hidden mode.


If you need to connect to a different location or create secure links, you can use browser extensions. However, trying to establish simultaneous connections from two locations can seriously slow down your Internet speed.

A useful tool for surfing anonymously

If you want to access a site that’s banned in your area, block activity tracking, and make sure your activity isn’t being logged by a provider, then Windscribe VPN is a great choice. The service supports browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

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