Windows 11 x64 with Office programs


System requirements Windows 11 x64 with Office programs

Date of updates: 22 October 2021
Version: fully functional Windows 11 without TPM (22000.258) with MS Office 2019 Pro +
Bit depth: 64bit (system), 32bit (Office 2019)
Interface Language: English
Image size: 4.78 GB


Windows 11 x64 with Office programs

In one ISO image of Windows 11 in English, all 4 versions with the ability to install together with the office package. Also built-in activator, free download Windows 11 x64 with Office programs torrent for installation via USB flash drive.
The SmokieBlahBlah builder created and published an updated Windows 11 SMBB. This assembly includes a rich selection of editions in English, equipped with Office 2019, activators. The installer contains the most important features and settings – so that each user can install the new Windows 11 in accordance with their preferences.

More about the utility

The assemblies of this author are very competently executed and reliable, and the installation method itself has been tested over the years. As you know, many users (including professionals) are only supporters of full-fledged systems and do not accept various cuts. Sysadmins are also often inclined to choose SMBB assemblies, since for office use, they have everything you need initially, and much can be connected additionally. For example, add the Drivers folder (in the form of an SDI or SamDrivers set) and the MInstall set to the root of a flash drive (or available logical drives).

Thus, the entire process of installing the system, drivers, software can be completely and completely automated, and any settings can be changed initially. Building Windows 11 x64 with Office programs is highly configurable, convenient and easy to install. For a long time, it was assemblies by SMBB that were the most popular and downloaded. Many of those users who were disappointed in the cut-down light builds returned to SmokieBlahBlah builds and consider them to be the most stable ones. The assembly, as usual, includes Office 2019, which you can remove directly from the image if you wish – by deleting the office.esd file.

Fixes in the new release from SmokieBlahBlah

– The on / off switches of the Defender and auto-updates are included in the Defender exceptions.
– Removed all found errors in the work of the Store and the Defender in the assembly.

Features and build capabilities

– The latest updates are built in.
– The base of the assembly (as usual) is an English-language image, but with an integrated interface (optional).
– The installer contains the Acronis True Image partition backup, the Paragon disk layout, the popular Total Commander, BootIce and additional useful software.
– Available StartAllBack (as an option) to change the Start design to the old version (as in Windows 7).
– Framework 3.5 included
– The system has all the VC ++ 2005-2019 libraries (in addition to them RuntimePack LITE), DirectX_9 is also present in its entirety.
– Cleaned WinSxS \ Backup.
– The activation option is provided for both the system itself and the Office 2019. If you check this option, then W10_Digital is automatically applied first, and in case of failure – Aact. In addition, a task for automatic reactivation will be created. Activators will initially be present in System Defender exceptions. But if you install any third-party antivirus, then do not forget to add activators to its exclusions too.

– Provides system presets such as Disable UAC, Defender, Hibernation, Firewall and Auto Updates.
– To turn off unwanted spyware functions in Windows there are options to add ShutUp10, WPD.
– A tweak option was also offered (the most tested and successful set of Windows 11 settings for quick optimization).
– If you have chosen to add Office 2019, then it will be installed in its entirety. But later you can delete one or another unnecessary component of it.

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