Windows 11 x64 Pro Activated 21H2.22000.282 by UralSOFT


System requirements Windows 11 x64 Pro Activated 21H2.22000.282 by UralSOFT

Date of updates: 7 November 2021
Version: treated Windows 11 (22000.282) Professional
Bit depth: 64-bit (x64)
Interface Language: English
Image size: 5.05 GB


Windows 11 x64 Pro Activated 21H2.22000.282 by UralSOFT

Excellent professional Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, does not require activation and with installed programs. Free download Windows 11 x64 Pro Activated 21H2.22000.282 by UralSOFT torrent for installation on a PC via a USB flash drive. Windows 11 assemblies are the most popular, because according to the standard, the new system is far from being installed on all hardware. By limiting the supported hardware, Microsoft itself is driving the rise in popularity of assemblies. We try to publish not only stripped-down builds, but also full-fledged versions of Windows 11 from reliable specialists.

More about the utility

The presented system is not only convenient, but also versatile for use. The author made sure that you did not have any difficulties either with the installation itself or with the activation. In addition, some useful software has been added. Most of all, such an image will be approved by those who do not accept cutting out of components, and so that there will be no problems with receiving updates either. A normal and stable system is the best choice for experienced users who are tired of all sorts of imperfections and errors in cut-down versions. The author of the assembly recommended Rufus or UltraIso for transferring the contents of the image to a USB flash drive.

There is also an advanced WinPE installer with a whole range of additional features. By the way, this is the first build of Windows 11 x64 Pro Activated 21H2.22000.282 by UralSOFT, published on our website. If you liked the build of Windows 10, then most likely approve of this new product too. Of course, for a fully functional assembly, it is highly desirable to install it on a relatively powerful PC in order to use the system with complete comfort. But even older top-end computers that do not meet the official Windows 11 requirements will also work well for this build.

Distinctive features

– Basis – original windows_11_business_editions_x64_dvd_4305082c.iso
– Removed system restrictions on the presence of TPM / Secure Boot. Compatibility is implemented as fully as possible (unlike the original Windows 11).
– All components and all standard functions are in place. There should be no questions – why is this or that component missing.
– The interface has not changed. Already quite a few users are completely comfortable with the new interface 11 and do not seek to return the old version.
– Built-in the most necessary software for most users. It is listed below. Added only the most necessary, no trash.
– All service settings are standard. Use your own skills or tweakers to optimize the system.
– In the system itself, no tweaks were also used. The original configuration has been retained.
– Applied esd-compression (to make the image more compact). Although, of course, in comparison with light assemblies, the image is rather bulky in size.
– In addition to autoactivation, just in case, the author also added KMS activators.
– An extended set of functions has been added to the bootloader. It contains all the software you need to work with disks / partitions, restore / backup.
– The assembly is not suitable for installing it from under the system. Just a clean new install!
– MBR and GPT (with UEFI) – both are supported for installation.

General advantages of assemblies from UralSoft

– High reliability – at the level of the standard configuration.
– Quite a high demand for them, good ratings and reviews.
– An excellent selection of additional features (right at boot) for a variety of administrative tasks.

On this page you can download Windows 11 x64 Pro Activated 21H2.22000.282 by UralSOFT via torrent for free on your PC.



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