Windows 11 x64 for USB stick


System requirements Windows 11 x64 for USB stick

Version: Windows_11 Compact + Full (22000.100 Dev)
Bit depth: 64-bit
Interface Language: English
Image size: 2.66 GB


Windows 11 x64 for USB stick

It is very easy to write windows11 64bit (weaving) on ​​a flash drive in order to install the operating system on a PC or laptop. You need to download Windows 11 x64 for USB stick ISO image torrent for free. The Flibustier builder continues to improve Windows 11 – in the format of its author’s Compact configuration. A few months before the release, and he had already thoroughly studied the standard Windows 11 and even made an excellent assembly from the beta version. By the way, this is not the first of his Win 11 Compact, and it is better than much previous versions. We tested it and were very surprised that the system works so well – and, on a wide variety of hardware, not just new ones.

More about the utility

The developer has managed to redesign the official Win 11 installer in such a way that it does not ask for TPM or UEFI. Therefore, you do not need to buy a new computer – to install a fresh OS, you just need to download Windows 11 x64 for USB stick for free. Any PC running 10 will be able to pull this assembly with confidence. The collector returned the normal context menu – instead of the ugly (in his words) Win 11 context menu. Those who need a new context menu – let them download the original. There were also other improvements related to the general interface, as well as the Explorer interface in particular.

The system has become much more user-friendly thanks to these improvements. But in general – before you a full-fledged Compact / Full assembly from the beta version of Win 11, and you should like such a system. It is unlikely to be suitable for the role of the main OS on your PC (due to restrictions on the time of its use), but it will do just fine for tests. You will have the most accurate idea of ​​how the new beta Windows 11 is performing on your hardware.

The main differences between the new Win 11 Compact / Full

– Used a new launcher with built-in Dism ++. Useful for various pre-installation tasks – right before installation.
– This is a full version of Compact & Full, with all editions and features, except for the language pack.
– In the Supplements there is a fresh Switch (for controlling the Defender in Compact Full).
– The system works really fast (no exaggeration). If Win 10 21H1 Compact, for example, works well for you, then this OS will also work great.
– The presence of an added option for integrating system libraries. It’s about Visual C ++ and DirectX. Users asked to add this as an option – Flibustier did.

Features of image recording and installation

– Write an image with Rufus or UltraIso – just like Windows 10 Compact.
– When installing, immediately note which index you choose. The first index (the default) is Compact Full. It’s almost a full-fledged Win 11 (apart from WinRe, Hello Face and some language features). The second index is Compact (it is in it – the maximum cut).
– It should be remembered that Compact Full will be able to update successfully, but Compact will not. What is cut out of the “Components” of the Compact cannot be returned.
– If your choice is Compact Full, then you still need to pay attention to the possibility of turning off the Defender in it.
– Do not forget about activation, which will be offered to you as a special option. It will not be checked by default, so do not rush to launch the installation. You need to mark everything in the launcher in strict accordance with your wishes, and only then start installing.
– The Compact + Full assembly is not designed for you to try to update your current system with it. It is purely for a clean install.
– Installation is automated. This means that apart from choosing options, section and username / password, you do not need to select anything else. At the start, the more secure Public network profile will be used.

On this page you can download Windows 11 x64 for USB stick via torrent for free on your PC.



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