Windows 11 without TPM x64 Pro 21H2 [22000.194]


System requirements Windows 11 without TPM x64 Pro 21H2 [22000.194]

Version: Windows 11 Pro (new build 22000.194)
Bit depth: only 64bit
Interface Language: English
Image size: 2.86 GB


Windows 11 without TPM x64 Pro 21H2 [22000.194]

How to install Windows 11 64bit without Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 on a computer? First you need to download Windows 11 without TPM x64 Pro 21H2 [22000.194] torrent with a built-in activator. A solid, stripped-down build of modern Windows 11 is a popular choice for a good PC! In addition, OneSmile is a very famous collector, and its releases are often praised for their performance in games. Such assemblies are confidently popular on our website, they are readily downloaded and shared. The configuration is not particularly complicated, but all procedures with the original Windows 11 are carried out using classical technologies, so that the system is reliable, and not only economical. The author cut out the marketing appx software, as well as various telemetry components.

More about the utility

Also, the cleaning was carried out very efficiently, allowing you to effectively save your disk space. The defender is also cut out as a component, so it can hardly be guaranteed that updates will be installed correctly in the future. Such a light assembly is a very common choice among gamers. FPS is high on the vast majority of modern PCs / laptops. You can download Windows 11 without TPM x64 Pro 21H2 [22000.194] on our website. By the way, Microsoft Corporation quickly managed to correct all the found shortcomings of its newest system, and it has already managed to gain high popularity.

The best Windows 11 builds are downloaded, as a rule, from our site, because the most stripped-down and tested versions are added here. If you need a more stripped-down system, then Win 11 by xalex will do, which has removed many more components. And in this assembly – not such a strong cut, and quite a lot of everything was left.

General configuration

– The basis of the assembly by OneSmile is the original 22000.194.210912-1630.CO_RELEASE_SVC_PROD1_CLIENTPRO_OEMRET_X64FRE_RU-RU.
– Removed modern software (i.e. appx applications), except for Edge. Many praise this browser, and it itself has become better than before.
– There are no custom folders in the “This PC” content.
– Drivers will not be installed automatically in this assembly. But you can use the CH (Windows Update) to download and install them.
– GameDVR disabled successfully. Not every user uses it, but Microsoft is still trying to impose it.
– There are added items in Explorer – Copy / Move, msconfig, regedit, Device Manager and Administration.

– In case of BSOD, auto-restart will not occur. But we hope that BSOD cases will not arise (they are usually due to “left” drivers most often).
– Removed fix Meltdown / Specter. Correct setting, because there is no need to limit the processing speed due to rare vulnerabilities, the risk of which is exaggerated.
– Instead of the usual SegoeUI in the interface, its bold version is SegoeUI_Semibold. By the way, not all users like this font.
– You don’t have to add the old 3.5 framework – the latest version will still be used instead.
-No history of opened folders / files will be kept. A very useful option if several people use the same PC.
– Pictures and pictures will be viewed in a familiar and simple Viewer. There are a ton of alternative viewers on the Internet.

– There are no problems with Search, it works as it should. As a rule, collectors try not to cut the Search, because users often require it.
– Processing tool – Dism. Only the most professional people use it (often in conjunction with PowerShell).
– Cut telemetry. But, as you know, it is hardly possible to remove it entirely from Win 11. It’s not Windows 10 LTSB after all.
– Stripped WinSxS, image format – esd. Everything you need is provided for the maximum compactness of the image itself and the already installed system.
– No space on your drive is reserved for updates (this easily saves space used by Windows).
-Cutted out Smartscreen, Math_Recognizer, Cloud, face control, StepsRecorder, Delivery Manager and DataCenterBridging.

On this page you can download Windows 11 without TPM x64 Pro 21H2 [22000.194] via torrent for free on your PC.



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