Windows 11 Pro x64 21H2.258


System requirements Windows 11 Pro x64 21H2.258

Version: Confidential Windows 11 Pro (22000.258)
Bit depth: 64-bit
Interface Language: English
Image size: 3.03 GB


Windows 11 Pro x64 21H2.258

Optimal assembly of Windows 11, ISO image download Windows 11 Pro x64 21H2.258 without unnecessary junk torrent installation flash drive. The SanLex collector has been successful in enhancing Windows privacy. Microsoft’s surveillance is a clear downside to all of their new systems. Telemetry has become a real problem, as a lot of personal data is leaked to Microsoft servers (and not only). Users strive to get rid of such espionage – either on their own or by installing a build without being tracked. Some builders are accustomed to simply cutting out telemetry components from the original Windows 11, some use special tweaks.

More about the utility

In SanLex builds, excellent privacy is achieved thanks to technically competent settings. Therefore, Windows itself remains intact and able to receive updates. It should also be noted that the author of this system understands all the little things in the Windows device. He studies the comments to his assemblies with great interest, corrects configuration flaws found by users. Windows 11 Pro x64 21H2.258 has hundreds of tweaks applied to fully block unwanted telemetry. A high level of security has been achieved, many advertising modules are prohibited, as well as diagnostic and reporting subsystems.

These assemblies are difficult to create because Windows components are tightly coupled, and it is very important that the system does not lose functionality. But the author has been busy with the fight against telemetry for several years already, and his successes in this area have been deservedly appreciated by users. The assembly is high-quality and very reliable, use your PC with maximum Microsoft surveillance blocked!

Differences in the new version

-What is the difference between Windows 11 Pro x64 version 21H2.258? The found flaws in the configuration have been removed. Even in the official releases of Microsoft, sooner or later there are shortcomings, not to mention the assemblies.
– Improved performance level. But this is not surprising, because SanLex has improved the optimization in every way.
– Simplified and accelerated installation process – for your convenience.
– Removed auto-installation of drivers (but available in the CH manually).
– Provided a more compact assembly size.
– Disabled Print Manager. Important! If you have a printer, you need to enable this service and provide it with an automatic startup type.

Cut out system services and components

– OneDrive. SanLex has tried to remove the connection between your data and Microsoft cloud storage as much as possible. The cloud is not only cut out, but related services are also turned off.
– Applications Maps, People. Without them, the system is more private and your location is not tracked.
– Cortana – without any harm to the normal performance of Search.
– Metro applications. The author of the assembly left only the Store, which many users need.
– Windows Defender. Partially cut (so that there are no problems with receiving updates).

Included and added components

– Old Framework 3.5. If you need to play an old game or run some old version of the program, then this component can come in handy.
– Certain Xbox services – for the very ability to play.
– In full – DirectX. It will never interfere with the system, because a lot of software may require it.
– The original calculator from Windows 10 LTSB. As you know, there are no Metro applications in LTSB, and the Calculator is standard there.
– Regular photo viewer.

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