Windows 11 ISO Image x64 Compact & FULL by Flibustier


System requirements Windows 11 ISO Image x64 Compact & FULL by Flibustier

Version: Windows_11 (22000.51) Compact + Full
Bit depth: 64-bit only
Interface Language: English
Image size: 2.69 GB


Windows 11 ISO Image x64 Compact & FULL by Flibustier

The latest version is ready to download Windows 11 with activation. Free download Windows 11 ISO image x64 Compact & FULL by Flibustier 2.69Gb torrent for installation via 4GB flash drive. Filibuster’s powerful build of Windows 11 Compact is one of the biggest new additions to the digital world this summer. It is a high-tech and lightweight system at the same time. It works confidently and stably on numerous hardware (any PCs, laptops and tablets on which Windows 10 can be installed are also supported). So you don’t need TPM2 and SecureBoot (which are required by the original Win11). The assembly will install perfectly without them. The main thing during installation is to choose the right index for yourself (Compact Full or Compact). The first option (Full) is updatable, and any components are available for installation for it.

More about the utility

The second option (Compact) is already much more stripped down, not renewable and with a limited set of components. Having decided on the preferred index, you can check the boxes on the necessary tweaks, mark (optionally) the integration of the language pack – for a complete change of the interface to English, as well as the addition of Framework 3.5. After specifying all the settings for the Compact / Full installation (or leaving them as they are), make sure that the activation box is checked (if you do not have a license), and then all that remains is to start the installation process. The launcher will automatically configure the system in accordance with the settings you specified, and the installation itself will last an average of 5-10 minutes. It is better not to change anything in the installed system, not to use different tweakers. better than Filibuster, you can hardly customize his assembly.

General features of Windows 11 Compact & Full versions

– Removed trash and telemetry, but without damaging the integrity of the system files. Builds passing sfc / scannow are considered not only of better quality, but also more secure, because This check proves that all important files have not been modified.
– Any available version and in any proposed edition can become fully English-language if the user marks the “Language packs” before installation.
– GameDVR, Auto Maintenance, Compatibility Assistant, Reports, Logs, Dumps + XPS Components, MSRDC, Synchronization, Working Folders, Internet Printing Client are disabled in both versions.
– Provided a familiar old calculator (without any problems can be replaced with a new metro analogue) and a simple Viewer.
– Layout – English, Network type – Public (for improved security).
– Automated installation.
– Build – on the insider image, therefore, it is recommended more for tests and familiarization.

On this page you can download Windows 11 ISO image x64 Compact & FULL by Flibustier via torrent for free on your PC.



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