Windows 11 ISO Bypassing 21H2 Pro Limitations


System requirements Windows 11 ISO Bypassing 21H2 Pro Limitations

TPM2 / SecureBoot, compatible percent 2+ GHz,
64 GB of space,
4+ GB RAM, DX12 video.
Use fresh Rufus if you need to get rid of TPM2 / SecureBoot restrictions.


Windows 11 ISO Bypassing 21H2 Pro Limitations

A common problem when installing the eleventh system is the compatibility of Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 and SecureBoot with hardware. It is proposed to download Windows 11 ISO Bypassing 21H2 Pro Limitations torrent for installation from a USB flash drive.
Matros is the author of the simplest assemblies, so we don’t publish them very often. This release has built-in updates and software, the system is assembled without audit (unlike the old releases by Matros). And the questions of compatibility of Windows 11 are proposed to be solved with the help of the new version of Rufus.

More about the utility

To avoid installation failures on unsuitable devices, write the provided image by Rufus by selecting the “Extended Installation” option in it – without any TPM / SecureBoot checks. But if your PC / laptop meets all the requirements of the official Windows 11, then the image can be recorded with any other familiar program. The author strongly advised to turn off the antivirus before recording the image – apparently in order not to destroy the activator or any other useful software. As part of the added software there is a program 8GadgetPack, so that you can equip the desktop interface.


Thanks to the minimal intervention of the author, the assembly will work reliably and efficiently – as intended by Microsoft. Such systems, simple in configuration, are in very good demand. After all, not everyone approves of too complex assemblies (for example and comparison – Windows Compact). Here, even the Defender was not turned off, so it is better to extract the packed activator only after turning off this system antivirus program. You can download Windows 11 ISO Bypassing 21H2 Pro Limitations for free on our website.

Configuration features

– Included as a component of the old Framework 3.5. As a rule, it can be useful for certain old software that uses this platform.
– Added 2 archivers at once (the most popular): WinRar, 7z. Some praise WinRar, others – 7z, and there is usually no consensus of opinion.
– Built-in 8GadgetPack – a useful program for all decoration lovers. You can easily add the most useful informer gadgets to your desktop.
– DirectX 9 is provided, VC ++ kits for third-party software / games are also available. It is recommended to have all this in the installed form in the system. may come in handy at any time.
– In the presence of HashTab, to quickly check the checksums of certain downloaded files.
– Added useful portable software: Uninstall Tool, MemReduct and Registry_Workshop – directly to the Windows directory.
– The Install_W11 folder also contains activators and a system Defender control tool. You can turn it on / off at any time you need it.

The RMB context menu has been expanded.

– UAC security level set to minimum. This can significantly reduce the number of unwanted warnings during file operations associated with access to them.
– During the creation of this assembly, the author did not use auditing. Unaudited assemblies are generally considered to be more high-tech.

That’s the whole Windows 11 ISO Bypassing 21H2 Pro Limitations configuration. No optimizations were carried out in this system, the services also all work according to the standard. Those. you yourself will have to disable unnecessary diagnostics, redundant telemetry, and advertising – if, of course, these services bother you. But if you want to avoid various errors in the future, then you can leave everything as it is. This is almost an original configuration, there are only a few differences.

On this page you can download Windows 11 ISO Bypassing 21H2 Pro Limitations via torrent for free on your PC.



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