Windows 11 Compact & FULL 21H2 64bit [22000.258] by Flibustier


System requirements Windows 11 Compact & FULL 21H2 64bit [22000.258] by Flibustier

Version: Windows 11 Compact (22000.258) Compact & Full without TPM / SecureBoot
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface Language: English
Image size: 2.76 GB


Windows 11 Compact & FULL 21H2 64bit [22000.258] by Flibustier

First of all, this Windows 11 does not require SecureBoot and TPM 2.0, in addition, an activator is built into this eleventh Windows. To install on a computer, you need to download Windows 11 Compact & FULL 21H2 64bit [22000.258] by Flibustier 2.76Gb torrent and write it to a USB flash drive using the Rufus program. The long-awaited Windows 11 Compact is finally out. This is the highest quality and latest build with the best configuration – from a top builder. Filibuster created (as usual) two variants of Compact and Full from the updated release. Regardless of which option you choose, the assembly is ideal for long-term use as the main system, because made from the official Windows 11. Remember: Compact is a very stripped-down configuration (non-upgradeable), and Full is a fully functional upgradeable version.

More about the utility

The choice of Compact or Full is made by you during installation – when you start the launcher. Full is index 1 (by default), Compact is index 2. This is the most important thing to remember when installing the system, since these versions are quite different in their components (but both work perfectly and stably). Also, in the launcher window, you need to select the edition (we recommend Enterprise or Pro – because they are the most versatile). Then, if you chose Full, pay attention to the option to disable the Defender (you can use it), and for the Compact option, this option does not matter. Also pay attention to the possibility of adding Store to Windows 11 Compact & FULL 21H2 64bit [22000.258] by Flibustier and of course, do not forget to mark the activation. All the settings in the left column are recommended (according to the author), but you can turn off those that you do not need.

The main thing is not to rush to install, set all the presets exactly as you see fit. Installation (as always) is as fast as possible, TPM2 / SecureBoot is not required.

General advantages and features of Compact / Full

– Contains all built-in updates at the time of the release of the assembly.
– Cut out tiled applications (exception – ScreenSketch and Paint – in the Full version). Adding a Store – as an option. There are other tiles available from Add-ons.
– Adding Framework 3.5 – as a separate option in the launcher. If you do not check it, then only the new Framework will be used for all programs.
– You can add manuscript, spelling and speakers in the “Language options”. If they are added in the Compact version, then a preliminary transfer of the UsoSvc service to manual mode + reboot is required.
– Removed WinRe, cleaned WinSxS \ Backup – from trash after updates, cut components and other garbage.
– During installation it is possible to add DX9 and VC ++ libraries.
– The built-in activator “does not fire” (according to Filibuster) antivirus software.
– Xbox, OneDrive cut, also available in Add-ons.
– Compact compression technology – default. Its advantage is that compressed files are read from the drive faster, this is especially noticeable on the HDD. As for solid-state SSDs, Compact & Full literally “flies” on them – even with a fairly modest processor power and a small amount of RAM.

Full version differences

-Version of Windows 11 Compact & FULL 21H2 64bit [22000.258] by Flibustier is updated without problems from Microsoft and contains the Defender (disabled at your discretion during installation). You can also disable it later (after installation) using the Switch (see “Add-ons”).
-Removed QuickAssist + Hello Face. If you still need them, you can add them in the “Additional components”.
– The entire standard set of Windows Components has been retained, as in the Full version for Windows 10.

Differences between the Compact version

– Maximum cut, but without any damage to the integrity of the system. Lack of ability to update. The best performance is ensured.
– Cut out clean: WinSAT, Bitlocker, Security Center with Smartscreen and Defender, telemetry, HelloFace, fingerprinting, Maps, biometrics, face control, InputMethod, Holographic, IME, MigWiz, PPI Projection, Migration, QuickAssist.
– Cut out completely and completely all those missing Windows Components (see screenshot) that are not in their list.
– Available Components can be removed / added. But if this or that Component is missing, then it is impossible to return it back to the system. Therefore, if you plan to install exactly the Compact version, then make sure that the Component you need is present in the corresponding screenshot.

Features and important features of the launcher

– Full control over the installation progress.
– Ability to remove / add options, as well as edit the tweaks themselves and command scripts.
– Support for wim / esd files from other assemblies and originals.
– Ability to add all released updates to the installed system, as well as its various components.
– Availability of the most important and necessary programs for pre-installation and administrative tasks.

On this page you can download Windows 11 Compact & FULL 21H2 64bit [22000.258] by Flibustier via torrent free on your PC.



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