Windows 11 64bit Pro


System requirements Windows 11 64bit Pro

Version: stripped down Win 11 (22000.51) Insider Pro
Bit depth: 64bit (x64)
Interface Language: English
Image size: 4.06 GB


Windows 11 64bit Pro

It is possible to download the latest 21h2 Windows 11 x64, in the ISO image there are two options for installing via a USB flash drive. Free Windows 11 64bit Pro download ISO 4.06GB torrent to your computer or modern laptop. The stripped-down Windows 11 that Lopatkin “operated” is a very successful system for you. It lacks a lot of unnecessary things, so the assembly compares favorably with obvious economy. As you know, some builders prefer to perform optimization with tweaks.

The developer solves all problems more radically

Total cutting out of components unnecessary in his opinion. If there is no component, there are no problems from it, and it still will not start, regardless of the settings in the registry. In fact, this approach is rather risky and difficult because Microsoft creates certain restrictions on the cutbacks. But the builder successfully bypasses all these difficulties and produces some of the most compact releases in the world.

More about the utility

As for the presented Windows 11 64bit Pro, then you can install it without TPM + SecureBoot. Naturally, you will not be able to update this system, like almost all other Lopatkin assemblies. But to test and run a fresh Windows 11 – this option is excellent. On relatively weak PCs, this system will work 2 times faster than the original, because will not load the processor and RAM with extraneous trash, spy services, etc. This assembly will take up very little space, and the installation is also faster. This image contains variations of Lite and Drey (both for Pro edition). Both are stripped down, but in slightly different ways. More details below.

General characteristics of versions Lite and Drey

– Both are stripped-down Pro versions. You choose the preferred option right during installation.
– You can install these versions also on tablets (their support is left), and not only on laptops and PCs.
– Disabled space reservation provided by the Corporation for storing downloaded updates.
– There is no pumping. If you need it, turn it on. It is usually needed when there is little RAM installed, as well as for some software – without fail.
– Popular professional software (AutoCAD, Vida, etc.), as well as famous games (Forza 4, etc.) work without any problems.
– Search works fine (but no indexing).
– At F8 (when starting the PC), you can see the last good configuration return item.

Features of the Drey version

– There is no store, but the Photo, Calculator, Camera applications are left. Many users are accustomed to these applications (especially the Calculator). Therefore, they were not cut out.
– Framework 3.5 is natively included. If it suddenly needs some outdated software, then there will be no unnecessary problems with the installation.
– There is no system support for speech / manuscript.
– Xbox cut. Apparently because not everyone needs it. Removed irrevocably, with all the giblets.
– DirectPlay is included, so many older games should have no problem launching.
– ASP.NET 4.8 (framework add-on 4.8) is also included.
– Missing Edge. In general, in the Drey version, it was always cut out – in any LBN assemblies.

On this page you can download Windows 11 64bit Pro via torrent for free on your PC.



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