Windows 11 64bit Pro-Home BETA v.21996.1


System requirements Windows 11 64bit Pro-Home BETA v.21996.1

Version: Windows 11 (21996.1)
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface Language: ENG English
Image size: 4.71 GB


Windows 11 64bit Pro-Home BETA v.21996.1

Now you can download Windows 11 64bit Pro-Home BETA v.21996.1 torrent for testing and understanding what to expect from Microsoft in terms of improving the Windows line. Microsoft nevertheless decided to create another Windows 11, although there were earlier conversations that this would not happen. Everyone is a little shocked that a merged image of the Win 11 pre-beta appeared on the Web, and we hasten to present it to you. Although this is not such a grand event as the upcoming official release, many are still tired of even the popular builds of Windows 10 and hope for the best. A lot of positive feedback has been left over literally a few days for the new pre-beta of Win 11, despite the fact that it is a raw version, which is mainly for developers and testers.

More about the utility

But there are more than enough testers for Windows 11 64bit Pro-Home BETA v.21996.1, so if you are curious to see how the latest Windows looks and works, then this opportunity is provided to you. In addition, Windows 11 was originally designed for PCs with UEFI, TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, so you don’t even have to try to install it on ancient hardware. By the way, if the system does not fit the hardware, then during installation there will be a corresponding notification. Testers mostly like the Windows 11 interface, but some criticize it – which has become similar to macOS, DeepIn and Android. Other icons, another taskbar, additional functionality of windows – in general, we recommend testing the new system and leaving your opinion about it.

Features of recording and installation

Judging by the reviews of the first testers, Win 11 is written to a USB flash drive and installed in the same way as 10, only taking into account the fact that Secure Boot and TPM_2.0 must be present. That is, you can record with both Rufus (for GPT / UEFI) and UltraIso. You can also transfer image files to the main active partition of the flash drive (created using Diskpart or another program).
If you try to install Win 11 on an old PC without TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, there will be an inscription that your computer is below the minimum required specifications, and then you just have to restart it. But if the requirements are met, the installation will be successful and you will be able to familiarize yourself with all the details of the new system. Some consider it superfast, others – heavy, others do not rush to install it at all, tk. think it’s better to wait for a stable release. But overall, the user experience is clearly positive.

On this page you can download Windows 11 64bit Pro-Home BETA v.21996.1 via torrent for free on your PC.



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