Windows 11 64bit Pro from a flash drive without TPM 2.0


System requirements Windows 11 64bit Pro from a flash drive without TPM 2.0

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
License: Free
English language


Windows 11 64bit Pro from a flash drive without TPM 2.0

Many people want to download Windows 11 to their computer already with an activator, without unnecessary things and with the necessary programs. Follow the link to download Windows 11 64bit Pro from a flash drive without TPM 2.0 torrent already prepared image for use.
This is an updated Windows 11 and will install successfully without SecureBoot / TPM. Also, a small optimization is implemented in the system, the most useful software has been added. In addition to this, there is also an improved bootloader for this assembly. Its author, KDFX, has been dealing with optimization issues for several years now, and its releases are well known to numerous users.

More about the utility

The presented system Windows 11 64bit Pro from a flash drive without TPM 2.0 is in many ways more convenient than the original Windows 11, which is more demanding and heavier for a PC to work with. Of course, this image cannot be called a light assembly, but not every user needs a stripped-down version. Most of our visitors are ordinary users, so in addition to various Windows Lite for gamers, we also publish full-fledged systems. We would like to note that recently interest in assemblies has clearly increased, people have become better at understanding them and distinguishing good systems. This progress motivates collectors to improve the quality of their releases.

And it is the quality that is like a familiar business card of KDFX assemblies. We have already noted them in our ratings – thanks to their reliability and high technology. Comprehensive optimization (no frills) is the most correct and versatile type of assembly. And the added software will help you to start using the system with comfort – right after installation. In addition to software, system libraries are also built in. The assembly by KDFX is built without audit, has no problems with sfc / scannow, is versatile and reliable.

Important assembly features

– Built-in improved Xenom1 / korsak7 bootloader. All Win 11 restrictions have been removed (not just TPM / SecureBoot). In this assembly, all the nuances of Windows 11 compatibility are maximally resolved.
– Built-in updates. It is always convenient when the system is initially up-to-date, so almost all collectors integrate updates.
– Disabled Defender, telemetry, Smartscreen, Xbox services. All this was carried out correctly, using systemic means and with an understanding of the matter.
– Indexing is disabled. Such a tweak will remove excess system load on the drives. Indexing files slows down the work with them a little, therefore this function is disabled.
– The tiles are cut, the Store is abandoned. And also left those appx that it needs to work correctly.
– Comprehensive optimization regarding the speed of work with RAM and drives. You should be completely satisfied with the speed of the system.
– DirectPlay, Framework 3.5 included. Some old software needs exactly these components, and they are disabled by default in the original Windows.
– Applied tweaks to expand the capabilities of the context menu and add Trusted_Installer permissions for the command line.
-All additional material can be easily found on the desktop – as in assemblies by OVGorskiy.
– In addition to tiles, caches, logs, temporary files have also been removed. In general, judging by the amount of software added (as well as the presence of the Office suite), the size of the image is not too large.
– All added software is configured initially. This will also save a lot of time, since all programs are optimally configured, and you can not even change anything in these settings.

On this page you can download Windows 11 64bit Pro from a flash drive without TPM 2.0 via torrent for free on your PC.



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