Windows 11 64bit on SSD Enterprise 22000.9 mini


System requirements Windows 11 64bit on SSD Enterprise 22000.9 mini

Version: Windows_11 Mini + Micro (22000.9) based on IoT Enterprise
Bit depth: x64 (64-bit)
Interface Language: English
Image size: 2.2 GB


Windows 11 64bit on SSD Enterprise 22000.9 mini

Based on the original Windows 11 image, you can download Windows 11 64bit on SSD Enterprise 22000.9 mini torrent ISO installation image. The xalex collector is a very famous specialist in optimizing Microsoft operating systems. Using his proprietary methods and software, he creates high-quality light assemblies (usually from the IoT Enterprise edition). The previous stripped-down assembly of 10s by xalix became famous throughout the Internet, and the presented stripped-down system from the original Windows 11 should also be no worse in quality. The assemblies that xalix creates have the best performance – both in terms of economy and reliability. Rarely demanded, frankly unnecessary or dubious functionality is completely cut out of the image. In addition, the user is offered tools for quickly customizing the assembly to suit his needs.

More about the utility

The carefully thought-out configuration of Windows 11 64bit on SSD Enterprise 22000.9 mini by xalix is ​​as practical as possible and will not overload your PC’s hardware resources in vain. All the delusional and harmful services that Microsoft likes to shove into their systems in recent years have been successfully cut. The author of the assembly is well versed in the Windows device, therefore, provided the best optimization to his system. You may immediately have questions – is this assembly better than Compact, and is it good to install it on weak PCs? We advise you to install and evaluate this version of Windows 11 64bit on SSD Enterprise 22000.9 mini yourself. Those who were able to appreciate the quality of assemblies by xalex at their true worth, consider them top among all the other options. After all, such a system performs any necessary tasks for an ordinary user as efficiently as possible.

Build versions (suggested during installation as revisions)

– MiniS – stripped down to the root, but the Store and Xbox are in place.
– Mini is the same as MiniS, but without the Store / Xbox.
– MicroS. It is cut even more strongly, tk. additionally missing IME and Asian fonts. Shop / Xbox locally.
– Micro – the same as MicroS, but without the Store / Xbox.

Important assembly differences

– We’ll warn you right away that right in the assembly (at the root of the image) there is an author’s description, which you can always familiarize yourself with.
– Right before installation, you will see a very handy menu for a variety of administrative tasks. To start the installation, click on the leftmost icon on the left Windows Setup. All other options will allow you to work with partitions, recovery, password reset, etc. The set of software is carefully selected, so it should suit any sysadmin.
– During the tests of the Micro edition, it was noted that it occupies about 3.5 GB of disk space, this is a very good cropping result.
-A complete list of trimmed components is not even in the attached author’s description. The most important thing to know is that basically only the core of the original system remains, and all the rubbish has been cut out.
– You will not turn off telemetry completely. In general, at 11 this is hardly ever possible, even if the blocking programs write that everything is ok, and telemetry is “completely disabled”.

– The system works well and quickly. The gaming performance should suit the majority of those who visit our site looking for new items from Microsoft (modernized).
– The author in his assembly focuses on the UWF filter. To make it easier to explain, this tool allows the system to return to its original state each time – on each next startup. This allows you to have 100% protection against absolutely any viruses / threats and eliminates the need to be allowed by Akronis and other software for backing up partitions. In addition, using a UWF filter has a positive effect on the longevity of the SSD.
– The search works, and the Xbox Store is available in MiniS and MicroS editions.
– You can change the taskbar interface (like Windows 10 or install a new one). The folder with the corresponding tweaks is right on the desktop.
– A huge work on optimization / tuning has been done, but a detailed log of all these operations is not attached to the assembly and is not even contained in the author’s description.
– Pumping is off.

On this page you can download Windows 11 64bit on SSD Enterprise 22000.9 mini via torrent for free on your PC.



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