Windows 11 64bit 21H2 b22000.194 – Original MSDN image


System requirements Windows 11 64bit 21H2 b22000.194 – Original MSDN image

Version: Windows 11 MSDN official release (22000.194)
Bit depth: x64 (x32 – does not exist)
Interface Language: English
Image size: 5.15 GB


Windows 11 64bit 21H2 b22000.194 – Original MSDN image

Not everyone is able to download Windows 11 from the official Microsoft website for free, for such people it is possible to download Windows 11 64bit 21H2 b22000.194 – Original MSDN image on a modern PC. Microsoft has finally published the release of Windows 11, so we hasten to provide it to you. This image is the first official (not preliminary or amateur) image of the new system. One can only rejoice for the users who have been looking forward to this day – it has finally come. A lot of people have approved the new OS since its first preliminary insider builds (both official and unofficial). The two most important differences of the new Windows are a completely redesigned interface and support for only more or less modern hardware (you need not only UEFI / SecureBoot on board, but also TPM2 available).

More about the utility

Unlike pirated self-made assemblies, the Windows 11 64bit 21H2 b22000.194 image does not even need to be installed on outdated hardware. You don’t even have to worry about activation, because all the same tools are suitable for Win 11 as for Windows 10. We have attached the most reliable and proven activator with a link to the description. And you also need to pay attention that the Home edition (as part of the proposed image) functions only according to the Microsoft account. All other editions (despite the possibility of local accounting) also have the greatest adaptation to the use of Microsoft services. Therefore, those who use their account completely entrust their data to the Corporation and use all the opportunities that it is ready to offer.

Activation features

All these features are inherited from Windows 10, so not only activators for dozens, but even stickers with serial numbers on laptops and other devices are suitable for Windows 11.
It is the recommended activator that will become the most preferable option for you, since it activates the largest number of editions (any) without any problems.

Image recording

Standard and familiar tools are recommended: Rufus, UltraIso.
Windows 11 does not have any own differences from the recording of images of previous versions.

Benefits of Windows 11

– Fresh updated interface with added windowing capabilities.
– Improved gaming performance (Microsoft claims).
– Full inheritance of activation from Windows 10. If you have a license for 7, 8.1 or 10-ku, then Windows 11 is free!
– Cloud protection of user data. Microsoft is always on guard for your data.
– Maximum integration of the operating system with all existing services and capabilities of Microsoft.
– Integration with Android (so far this function has not yet been finally brought to mind). Basic functions (viewing calls, pictures, messages, phone book) are supported.
– “Seamless update”. You no longer need to reboot your PC – to enter into force new settings after installing updates.
– Home edition can be upgraded to Pro without reinstalling – by entering the key. However, this possibility is hardly of interest to those who are accustomed to using activators.

On this page you can download Windows 11 64bit 21H2 b22000.194 – Original MSDN image via torrent for free on your PC.



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