Windows 11 21H2 x64 official version 10.0.22000.132


System requirements Windows 11 21H2 x64 official version 10.0.22000.132

Version: Windows_11 Client + EnterpriseVL (22000.132)
Bit depth: x64
Interface Language: English
Size of two images: 10.1 GB


Windows 11 21H2 x64 official version 10.0.22000.132

To download Windows 11 original image, click on the link in the description download Windows 11 21H2 x64 official version 10.0.22000.132 5.1Gb torrent for installation on a modern PC. Enjoy the latest Windows 11 – no limits or time bombs, even though this is an Insider edition. Even the long-awaited official release itself is not far off. The corporation is rapidly improving the damp version 11, on which there are a lot of both positive and negative comments. So what is the first thing a user needs to pay attention to? – For the presence (at the hardware level) TPM2 + SecureBoot, otherwise the system will not be installed as standard.

More about the utility

This is the original, not a stripped-down build of Windows 11 21H2 x64 official version 10.0.22000.132. The requirements also state the required DX12 support, but previous releases worked with DX9 support as well. You also need to remember that the issue is insider – therefore, damp, but of higher quality than the previous one. And, of course, we will advise the most important thing: the original Windows 11 is definitely not for old hardware. The amount of RAM for Windows 11 is very desirable from 8-16 GB or more (despite the fact that the requirements indicate 4 GB). Another important (and at the same time, controversial point) is the Win 11 interface. Some people are very happy with it, others strongly dislike it. There is also no consensus regarding the speed of work, so everyone has a good opportunity to speak in the comments and share a detailed review of the new operating system.

Image recording and choice of edition

Record with Rufus (as usual) or UltraIso. There are no additional conditions for Win_11 for recording an image. The main thing is that the PC itself is not lower than those specified. There is also a good program called Whynotwin11, which makes it clear exactly whether the new Windows is right for you or not. Choose the edition with exactly the same preferences as in Windows 10. As a rule, the majority of the Pro functionality is enough for the eyes, therefore it has become the most preferred edition. At the same time, many praise Home as the optimal home and gaming edition, but it does not have such a convenient administrative functionality as in Pro. As for the Corporate, it has become the choice of professionals and those system administrators who serve computers of organizations and enterprises. Suitable for home too, but a lot of redundant functionality.

Important features of Windows 11

– In the course of independent tests on the same powerful hardware, there is no increase / decrease in performance in Windows 11 21H2 x64 official version 10.0.22000.132 (in comparison with the “top ten”). Most of the other tests also showed little or no difference. That is, nothing revolutionary in terms of performance has yet been implemented.

– Microsoft has indicated that this is the best system for all gamers because it is fast and also features Auto HDR + Direct Storage Api + built-in Xbox subscription. Of course, for most ordinary users who use PCs for surfing and a few games, all these technologies are like a Chinese literacy. But at the same time, these services are present in the system by default.
– It is noted that the new version of Microsoft OS is more adapted for high-resolution screens and looks more natural and beautiful on them.
– The largest number of problems with previous versions was noted when installing Win 11 on laptops. On stationary PCs, as a rule, everything is OK for the majority.

– It has been noticed that a number of programs are not installed on Win 11. In particular, some repacks of games may not work.
– The interface of the new system has attracted approval mainly among young people, including numerous representatives of the fair sex. Judging by the reviews, there are enough of those users who consider “Ileven” the most stylish modern system.
“The new Windows is already very motivating for many users to upgrade their PC. Especially those who strive to keep up with progress. But for those who do not yet have the opportunity to do this, we want to assure you that in the coming years it is not at all necessary to switch to Windows 11. She is just one of the system options of your choice.

On this page you can download Windows 11 21H2 x64 official version 10.0.22000.132 via torrent for free on your PC.



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