Willowbrooke Post

System requirements Willowbrooke Post

Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i3 2GHz
Keyboard, mouse
Video memory: 1 GB


Willowbrooke Post

Quite often, parents go about their business and, if necessary, assign all responsibilities to the children. Today, this is exactly the situation that has happened – you will take on the role of the son of one family, who has been managing the mail for a long time. Now, so that the matter does not stop, you have to personally manage all the affairs, since the parents will leave for a long time. Do not relax, owning mail and doing business is far from such a simple matter. Therefore, at first, you will need to download the torrent Willowbrooke Post and only then start to actively act.

More about the game

Your main clients will be the residents of Willoughbrook, a small remote town whose only connection with the outside world is built exclusively on the mail that you own. Therefore, it is worthwhile to immediately understand that effective business management is vital for most residents. Try to use all the available functions correctly and gradually achieve success. But be prepared, not all residents will be supportive of your activities, sometimes they will be indignant and demand compensation.

Painstaking work

In addition to managing the financial and other affairs of the mail, you still have to be responsible for its appearance and invest heavily in making it look good. And this requires a good income, which is possible only with the correct performance of duties. You have to personally sort out the mail, stick stamps and send mail to addresses. The fewer mistakes you make, the more you get paid. The main thing is to first download the Willowbrooke Post via torrent for free.

Game features

– nice graphics and environment;
– detailed functionality for completing tasks;
– great opportunities to improve mail;
– high workload;
is a great opportunity to test your managerial skills.

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