System requirements Wildland:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core 2 DUO or better
Video card: with support for DX 10 (shaders version 4.0) and 512 MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 700 MB




In the world often there are many troubles among which the main thing happened – the USSR collapsed. People have already experienced this and are now preparing for capitalism, but these are only those who were in the capital and accepted the changes, but this did not affect the residents of remote areas, and they themselves have to get used to the new conditions. You will become one of the inhabitants of such a settlement, which will need to drive and go in search of resources, simultaneously organizing trade and supply. And in order to start new business as soon as possible, Wildland will need to download the torrent.

More about the game

The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward – ride a car, load goods and transport them to the desired area. Gradually, you will open the entire map, complete additional quests and develop. Several types of cars will be available to choose from, you can choose the appearance of the color and use other improvements. But first, we recommend downloading Wildland via torrent for free. Good luck!

Game features

– A large open world that will allow you to move freely, open new spaces and carefully collect resources from any site that you can find;
– assignments are generated quite randomly, so you can easily complete them again and earn money for the further development and improvement of transport;
– carefully monitor the weather, as an unexpected change can make adjustments to your trip and even become a problem, because driving a car in heavy rain and bad weather is not the safest activity;

Key Features

– Do not forget that you have to survive, stock up on food, fuel and money for repairs, all this will make it possible to succeed in the future;
– Be extremely careful, as death means the end of the story;
– Do not forget to carefully monitor your car to prevent it from collapsing and timely provide all necessary maintenance;
– the game has a reputation system that will allow you to access more complex tasks and advanced modules for the car;
– carefully monitor the map and compass so as not to get lost and gradually achieve success.

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