System requirements Wildermyth:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: i3 or better
Video Card: Open GL 3.2
Disk Space: 2 GB



The game Wildermyth, download via torrent which can be on our website, the mysterious lands of Yondering are under threat of capture by opponents. They want to make civilians their slaves. Not everyone wants to be like that, so a squad of daredevils is ready to oppose the enemy. The protagonist will become the head of a small detachment, speaking on a military campaign. They all do not know how to fight, to hold weapons in their hands, since they have been working only on a farm since childhood.

More about the game

The player will have to conduct a training session with each of his soldiers, choose a weapon for him, and then walk along the road to victory together. On your way you will meet various enemies with whom you must fight. Use all the skills of your soldiers to win every battle. To win, you need to correctly develop the tactics of hostilities, taking into account all the strengths and weaknesses of your group. The detachment, gradually acquiring knowledge and skills, accumulating valuable experience, becomes stronger. They become brave, brave heroes and will now be able to save their land from invaders.

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