White Noise 2

System requirements White Noise 2:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Dual Core processor
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Video card: GeForce 660
Disk space: 2 GB


White Noise 2

The game project White Noise 2 offers users to do everything to get away from the monsters. The whole game process they will chase you, try to attack and destroy. All that you can use for your own purposes and for protection is a flashlight. It will help illuminate the path, avoiding some dangers. But at the same time you need to be vigilant and careful.

Game features

This is a heavily upgraded and improved continuation of the first title of White Noise Online with a variety of new features. The guys from Milkstone Studios, of course, made a lot of work in this “fresh terrible experience.” The name was released on October 27, 2016, just in time for the worst season of the year. White Noise 2 is a game that absolutely emphasizes the importance of working together, at least on the part of researchers. Players congregate as a team from a variety of character options — with more unlocking as the overall level increases — and each character has a different set of characteristics, alternative clothing, and a unique look.

The fifth player in the lobby takes on the role of the Creature, whose sole purpose is to capture the investigators as a sacrifice. In the pre-game lobby, players can communicate via built-in voice chat (which has a terrific switch to turn off or “push to talk”, “continuous” and “for reception only”) or in the chat lobby. Once in the game, the creature is unable to hear the researchers communicate. Since then, it’s a race to see who can first complete their task: the researchers and their task is to find ten Retro-licensed VHS tapes or the Creature and his job of killing them.


White Noise 2 has two maps currently available: an abandoned open landscape with ruins, trees and debris, an abandoned hospital. The cards are actually quite huge, and the places of the tapes seem random each time you play. However, the key remains together for at least two, if not with four full participants – although you can start the game with less than 5 players, the 4v1 experience is definitely the best – because you will need each other. When a monster attacks, players can use their flashlights to drive it back to another section of the map; They can also scream to find each other (although it also warns the monster), throwing candles at the sticks to slow down the creature’s speed, and use a compass to help find tapes of evidence. Everyone has a type of recharge timer, and the flashlight batteries are slowly depleting, so players need to be careful to find more anywhere on the map.

The creators of the project did not provide for the presence of weapons. In principle, you do not need it. The main focus is on the gaming atmosphere. The creators paid great attention to this factor, making it unusual, evoking a feeling of fear and horror. The realism of the game is so great that it is simply not possible to understand where fiction begins. Interesting game locations in the project will please fans. There you will not need to hide from opponents. The character is transferred to the territory of an abandoned hospital, around which are corn fields. On them you can run. Also, you have to visit the gray cellars, climb to the roofs. The darkness on the locations is the main trick from the authors, and it is in such situations that a flashlight will help you out.

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