Where the Bees Make Honey

System requirements Where the Bees Make Honey:

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i5
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 980


Where the Bees Make Honey

The Where the Bees Make Honey project allows you to play a third-person game. The plot tells about a man named Sunny, who is in his work office. He is tormented by thoughts about what to do in the future, and he also recalls a carefree childhood. You have to plunge into a surreal universe, where you will be a young man. The main character needs to solve puzzles, analyze the available areas where your character will appear. Take the risk of participating in new adventures, click download Where the Bees Make Honey torrent.

More about the game

Unusual colorful forests, soaring islands and clouds – are only part of the whole world that you have to go through in order to return to the past memories of the main character. For all the time of an unusual story, the player will become an observer of interesting moments and events. These events could occur among ordinary people in the modern world, however, the protagonist built his memories the way he wanted. Immerse yourself in a world of memories and solve new puzzles, take the chance to download Where the Bees Make Honey via torrent.


Created locations in the game Where the Bees Make Honey have many secret moves and shelters where you can find bonuses and money. In addition, secret messages are hidden there, for which you can get a reward. For the whole game you have to solve many puzzles, but for this the hero has to learn to interact with the world that surrounds him. The main character has the power to move objects, bridges, open moves and raise plates, which will lead him to the next stage of the game. Click download the game Where the Bees Make Honey via torrent to immerse yourself in a world full of mysteries.

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