Welcome to PINEHILLS


System requirements Welcome to PINEHILLS:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Video card: 2GB, GTX 660
Disk space: 10 GB


Welcome to PINEHILLS

Welcome to Pinehills is an addicting first-person horror game in which you have to explore a mysterious island in search of mystical discoveries.

Find a way to escape from an island inhabited by unknown monsters

The plot of the game tells about the misadventures of one young man, whose role you will take on. One fine evening you were returning home from a concert of your favorite rock band, but you lost your way and instead of home found yourself imprisoned on a mysterious island inhabited by mystical and extremely unfriendly inhabitants. You must at any cost learn the secrets that this place keeps, unless, of course, you want to stay here forever. Only by learning all the secrets of this place can you leave it behind once and for all.

Immerse yourself in an atmospheric mystical story

The game features nice graphics and high quality sound effects, which allows you to more fully immerse yourself in the game’s plot. You are not limited by anything within the aforementioned island and you can safely explore all its secrets. The game has a very detailed system of walking and driving, which only adds charm to the game and makes you spend precious game hours exploring every corner of the game location.
There are not many screamers and frankly scary scenes in this game, since it is more of an adventurer in a mystical setting, and not a full-fledged horror. If you feel a passion for exploring mysterious and mysterious places, we advise you to download Welcome to Pinehills torrent on your pc.

Key features of the game

Great first person view and thoughtful gameplay.
Open world and complete freedom of action.
Realistic car driving system.
Nice looking graphics.
A calm pace of passage, designed for thoughtful passage and attention to detail.

We recommend that you discover the beauty of mystical stories.

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