System requirements Wattam:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
CPU: 64-bit
Video Card: TBD
Disk Space: 4 GB



The Wattam game, downloaded via torrent, which can be on our website, sends the gamer to an exciting world. Here, people are presented in the form of a small cardboard box with arms and legs. With this in mind, you have to adapt to local environmental conditions. This is a really unusual world.

More about the game

Allow yourself to plunge into an unusual reality and become the mayor in it. During the game you need to get acquainted with the local landscape and weather conditions, go through all the levels, get acquainted with the natives. If in reality there are no talking coffee cups, then here it is a common occurrence. Flowers, donuts and these cups – in this world are the most common needed to cheer up. Try to fulfill the wishes of local residents and then their mood will be good.

Keep in mind that some tasks in the Wattam game are very difficult and need special concentration and imagination to complete them. Popularity points are awarded for a correctly performed operation, that is, they are added to the rating. In order to become a mayor and hold on to this post, you need to attract residents to your person and activities in the place of the head of this world. And for this you have to download the torrent game Dimenstion Dude, which is on our website.

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