Wasteland Remastered

System requirements Wasteland Remastered

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit)
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3 2.66 GHz
RAM: 4096 Mb
DirectX® 9.0c compatible audio card
Graphics Accelerator: 1024 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
Free space on HDD: 3 Gb


Wasteland Remastered

Many games of past years are now getting a new life, thanks to remakes. This happened with a game project called Wasteland Remastered. This strategy is known to every experienced gamer. It was with the release of this game in 1988 that such a genre as post-apocalyptic was born. But outdated parameters did not allow to fully enjoy the game. Now, the cult role-player is presented with updated graphics, better sound quality. The classics are becoming popular again. Therefore, you get the opportunity to play the first game, which laid the foundations of modern post-apocalyptic games. You can download the Wasteland Remastered torrent on our game portal for free.

More about the game

So, a little walk through the plot of Wasteland Remastered. It was the year 2087. It has been almost a century since the end of the nuclear war, which resulted in the transformation of our planet into a vast wasteland contaminated by radiation. The last human stronghold was the Desert Rangers organization, in which brave policemen serve. Their main task is to protect civilians from all sorts of dangers. But besides radiation, mutants, hunger and disease, there is another hidden threat. And you need to stop her at all costs. The fate of all mankind will depend on your actions.


As it turned out, events are unfolding in 2087. Nuclear war broke out between two irreconcilable states – the USA and the USSR. After which the Earth turned into a desert with a huge number of craters. Most of the land became not habitable at all. People began to go crazy en masse, the crime rate rose to heaven. But there were some units that were designed to save civilians from all the consequences. They were called rangers and they are the real heroes of this war. The next location of Wasteland Remastered will be Las Vegas, in which cyborgs are a danger to people. After the settings failed, they attacked people.

Game process

In the presented game project Wasteland Remastered, you will be the leader of a group of soldiers, so you need to think through all subsequent actions. Enemy positions are scattered throughout Las Vegas, and the robots themselves are presented in various forms. The fight will unfold, in principle, standard, with ground installations and mobile droids. At first, it will be quite difficult to deal with laser weapons. Installations of this type have a good base and viewing angle, so you are unlikely to be able to hide. You can start your attacks from the flanks or go ahead. The best way to destroy a vault is to blow it up.

User friendly interface

To control the Wasteland Remastered team, you will need special characters. You must remember them all. The game screen displays information about the character’s level of health, armor and the number of team members. The central zone is rich in supplies, and on the side on the wall there is a weapon. The appearance of opponents in the same place is marked by the appearance of a red bar. The appearance of the allies is a blue stripe.

Endless struggle

Buying a base is an individual decision. There is no one specific way to destroy a robot. Consider the location of the enemy, his level of weapons. If there is no installation on the floor, then the path through the front door is open to you.

Game features

To protect combatants, you need to place them behind machines or barrels. Even ordinary trash can save your life in some cases. The first rule of Wasteland Remastered is to evaluate the situation and then take action. Direct contact can only work in a confrontation with opponents of a lower level. An equal rival is a great danger. Do not lose your allies along the way, because they provide you with information.

In addition, in order to conquer the base, you still have to look for those who were able to survive. Constantly follow the briefing, talk with members of your squad. All participants are selected before the operation itself. The most difficult tasks are those in which you need to free the hostages alive. Robots can ambush you, so be careful. Regarding confined spaces, then before the attack you need to cordon off this room. Individual goals are placed above the rest. The group must eliminate the enemy before they kill the hostages. Choose the best weapon, otherwise the price of your mistake will be human lives.

In rooms, weapons with a huge destructive effect and a wide spectrum of action work best. The gameplay in this game can amaze anyone. Therefore, you can download the Wasteland Remastered torrent by clicking on this link.

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