Wasteland 3

System requirements Wasteland 3

OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit).
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K or equivalent AMD.
RAM: 8 GB.
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon HD 7970.
Disk space: 55 GB.

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Wasteland 3

We present you the game Wasteland 3. Agree pleasantly when your opinion is taken into account. It doesn’t matter which area of ​​life or industry it belongs to. The most dedicated gamers and newly baked players should pay tribute to the famous developers of the virtual computer simulator Wasteland, or rather its third part, to the guys from The Brotherhood and in Xile Entertainment. Because they drew attention to criticism of the first two parts and were able to launch a fundraising campaign that exceeded all dreams and expectations. Thanks to this, we got a full-fledged application, with a huge bunch of gaming features. Download the torrent adventure project, enlisting the support of our repository of web products, is absolutely easy and simple.

More about the game

Another apocalypse claimed the lives of many people. After a terrible and terrifying disaster, the surviving residents of Colorado (events unfolding there) were divided into two camps – “good” and “bad”. Your ward will have a difficult but honorable mission to manage a squad of characters that will lead a desperate struggle with looters, bandos, and monsters. But you have a cool handicap, because you are able to equip your rangers with equipment found during the game, which will make each soldier unique. A delicious piece of a festive cake, called – Wasteland 3, will be a non-standard assistant companion. The car “Morning Star”, which was designed for the needs of the president himself. Feel yourself not only a superhero, but also an important political person.

Multiplayer and combat system

Important is the fact that each action of one Wasteland 3 player affects the subsequent action of another. Since you have the opportunity to use the non-linear multi-player mode, which allows two players at once, and even with their troops, to be in the same game party. You can join in unions or play independently, overcoming the missions proposed by the developers. You also have the strength to set your faction against the faction of your opponent, but we would advise you to stay in place, it will be easier to advance in the story.

Modernization factors did not pass by the combat system, which allowed the battles to become even more dynamic and realistic than in the previous parts. Having downloaded the version of the adventure strategic simulator through the Wasteland 3 torrent, thanks to the support of our chest of computer projects, you can evaluate the possibility of using all the surrounding objects as a weapon or as a shelter from opponents’ attacks. For example, if a snowstorm is approaching, your warriors will lose the opportunity to see well, which will reduce the outcome of a successful battle by an order of magnitude.

On foot it’s good, but even better on the tank

Since Wasteland 3 has significantly improved and modernized, which is especially reflected in the impressive size of the playing area, which your wards used to explore on foot and now it will be much more difficult to do this. Therefore, the wise masters gave you a choice – to acquire or steal equipment that will allow you to dissect at great speed across the wide expanses of a virtual card. Also you have to do improvement, weapons, booking your fleet. Use one of the main features of the simulator – a unique opportunity to use technology in search of adventure and battle.

A new war is coming

Let me remind you that in the first parts of the game, after the disaster, the world slowly began to bounce back and adapt to completely new conditions. A huge number of small empires appeared, which, like fighting cocks, strive to engage in battle not for life, but for death. The most terrifying thing is the fact that they all have a trump card – a nuclear weapon that they can pull out of their sleeves at any time. But, and if you give them such an opportunity, then the planet can no longer be reborn. Your task and main goal is to eliminate weapons at all costs or steal. Better yet, step over the well-known saying that in war all methods are good and diplomatically resolve the situation. Let all conflicts sink into the water.

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