Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut

System requirements Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
Video card: GeForce GTX 260 / Radeon HD 4850 (512 MB)
Free hard drive space: 15 GB


Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut

As the name implies, Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut is a sequel to the cult game. The first version was released in 1988, and immediately won the recognition of fans of tactical strategies in real time. The second part, developed by inXile entertainment, did not deviate from the subject. It is still a post-apocalyptic civilization that has survived the nuclear apocalypse. Anyone who has conquered and proceeded along and across the first “Wasteland” should at least just get acquainted with the continuation, especially since you can download the torrent link to it without problems on our portal. And now a few words about how remarkable the gamers the second part pleases.

More about the game

Let’s start with the scenery – Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut graphics. Progress does not stand still, it’s progress and the picture naturally has become much better: the locations worked out much better, the top view is dynamic and qualitatively reflects the game situation, the new world left after the nuclear war meets the expectations of science fiction writers – mutants, radiation, the ruins of megacities, the remains of cars. In order to save resources and maintain the effectiveness of their use, the studio a little “saved” on special effects and rendering units. It should be noted right away that neither the general style and atmosphere, nor the aesthetics of the game were affected. You can verify this by simply downloading the game using the torrent tracker. Moreover, to receive a torrent file on our portal, you do not need to register. But is only this game product conquering graphics?


To not really puzzle the fans, the developers of Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut tried to preserve the order of control and the flow of the game. In addition, among the tactical shooters even some generally accepted schemes and gameplay control mechanisms have formed by now. The player receives a warrior detachment under his command, each with its own characteristics, weaknesses and unique skills. At the same time, the detachment has a limited resource of actions, presented in the form of eyes. At the same time, different actions require a different number of points: the more difficult and more significant or more effective the option used, the more eyes will be spent on its implementation. In addition, each character has the prospect of development and improvement, according to the skill tree.

This will be very easy to understand, since the game is Russified. The only thing that fans of the first part can regret – the obscene humor has become noticeably less. But this is not the main thing in this game, so you should download Wasteland 2 through the torrent and find out everything interesting.

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