System requirements WARNO

OS: 64-bit Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7 with Service Pack 1
Processor: TBD, we aim for minimum system requirements similar to Steel Division 2
Video card: TBD, we aim for minimum system requirements similar to Steel Division 2
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband internet connection
Disk space: 50 GB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

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This is a real-time strategy that offers to fully immerse yourself in the conditions of the Third World War and try to lead your state to victory. The history of this world is tied to the fact that many European countries, as well as NATO, began to deploy troops around the world, which led to total chaos. As a result, clashes, a struggle for power and many other unpleasant situations began. You just have to choose the side of the conflict and try to bring it to victory, performing a series of tactical missions in various parts of the world. But first, we suggest you take the opportunity to download the WARNO torrent on your PC and then start exploring all the available troops.

Tactical deployment

The advantage of this strategy will be not only modern types of troops, but also the ability to go to perform assigned tasks in various territories. Sometimes you have to fight in open fields, sometimes you have to dive into the wooded area and do not forget about the fight in the cities. All this will become the basis for new tactical maneuvers and assessment of your capabilities. You just need to try to properly use all your advantages and try to focus on new areas of hostilities.


Among all the available troops, it should be noted the presence of ground tanks, guns, aviation and artillery support, and much more. The composition of the troops will be strictly limited, so you should think about their correct use, tactical distribution and the ability to realize their potential. But first you have to download WARNO via torrent for free, and only after that you can start performing combat missions.

Game Features

Combat encounters will be in a turn-based format.
Several large companies to pass.
The ability to choose any side of the conflict.
Use tactical advantage on maps.
Pay attention to the improvements of your troops, they play an important role.

On this page you can download the game WARNO via torrent for free on a PC.



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