Warframe: Chimera

System requirements Warframe: Chimera

OC Windows: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4
RAM: Ram 2GB
Video Card: 1Gb



Warframe: Chimera

Warframe: Chimera is an addition to the game project, which was able to break the boundary between television and video games. The fact is that the developers, even before the release of the game, announced that it will be constantly updated and changed depending on the TV show, which is being filmed for a separate TV channel, which shows a special series on the development of the universe of this game. As a result, the idea turned out to be not only interesting, but at the same time doable, which has attracted the attention of millions of players from around the world.

The action takes place in a somewhat distant future, which suffers not from the fact that some kind of deadly virus appeared and turned everyone into zombies, but from the fact that alien creatures once went to planet Earth and this led to the fact that they began to organize mass fights with them, which eventually led to the start of a new war, this time affecting not only the size of the planet, but the whole universe.

But in the end, the inhabitants of the Earth managed to fight off all these invaders and this led to the fact that their bodies fell to the ground, but the consequences were noticed. Because in the future, people also began to gradually turn into these monsters, uniting with their bodies. And to say that this is bad is to say nothing, because nobody has the slightest idea what to do with it. It only remains to hope that you will have the opportunity, along with this addition, also to get a unique weapon with which you can destroy all the enemies standing in your way.



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