System requirements Warface:

Operating system: Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 64 3.0 GHz;
Video Card: 2 GB

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Crytek has become famous worldwide for the Far Cry project. Inspired by the success, the developers have created another very good product. They are the game Warface, which can be downloaded torrent through our portal very quickly. This project is a true multiplayer action game in which events unfold at lightning speed, dynamics rolls over, and the gameplay will please players with a good adrenaline rush. The above company is able to do good action games, which proved once again. Gamers can play both themselves and with friends, constantly competing for the title of the best virtual fighter. The project will please a large number of locations and a good arsenal, which can be used for its intended purpose. There will be many tasks that makes the gameplay more difficult and interesting.


Despite the fact that the action takes place in our days, military equipment has moved very far forward. To evaluate its capabilities, you need to download Warface game through a torrent, which can be done using our portal at any time. The story is tied around a team of fighters, which includes four people. Players themselves can choose which character to control. Each of the characters has its own professional direction: engineer, sniper, fuze and so on. It is very important to be able to play as a team, because the main battle is placed on team battles. Players can not complete the task without the help of their teammates, because the capabilities of each character are limited. Missions will be scattered around the world. Players will be able to visit different parts of the planet, completing assigned tasks. There will be a lot of weapons and a lot of dynamics in the game process. As opponents will be not only other military, but also robots and other mechanical creatures with enormous power.


Gameplay will give players an unforgettable pleasure from the rich gameplay and great graphics. It is made in three-dimensional mode, plus it has support from a powerful engine. Automatically increased physics and mechanics. The gameplay allows players not only to shoot, but to learn how to work in a team by performing serious tasks.



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