War Thunder: Raining Fire

System requirements War Thunder: Raining Fire

Operating system: Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Processor with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz;
Video card: GeForce 7XXX series and higher; Radeon 1XXX series and above
Hard disk space: 15 GB


War Thunder: Raining Fire

War Thunder: Raining Fire is a multiplayer action game. The game will allow fans of bright battles to take part in land, air and sea battles of the mid-20th century. Gamers will control planes, tanks and ships. Players will be captivated by the original mechanics and freedom of action. In the air world, the character will do maneuvers and aerobatics. For example, dead loops will save you from an enemy flying behind. The battles are hot, and each aircraft carrier has its own fighting style. Thanks to this, even a beginner will not be afraid of experienced players. Sometimes inter-clan wars are held on global maps for the title of the best.

More about the game

At the beginning of the War Thunder: Raining Fire game there will be a training course where the user will learn the intricacies of control. Then fights and skill improvement await. You can play as Japan, USA, USSR, Great Britain or Germany. 6 aircraft are kept in the hangar. PvP fights are reduced to the destruction of ground troops and the capture of airfields. Realistic mode allows you to feel like a pilot and observe the world through the cockpit window. PvE battles recreate real events or change the course of history. For each battle, the player receives experience and money, with the help of which he improves aircraft, acquires new models or changes the type of cartridges.


The developers did their best and created a realistic world. There are more than 50 aircraft models in the game, the appearance of which corresponds to real samples of the last century: the propeller reflects the rays of the sun, devices work inside the cockpit, and small rivets flaunt on the hull. As the aircraft carrier flies, the engine noise is heard, and the pilot looms through the glass of the cockpit. If you gain height, the wings will be covered with frost, and in the case of a punctured tank, fuel will flow. The very same aircraft behavior is subject to the laws of aerodynamics. Landscapes and vehicles are drawn at the highest level. In War Thunder: Raining Fire, the outlines of shadows change, reflections and fog effects are visible. Sound effects capture the mid-20th century vibe and help you focus.

Game features

huge world;
virtual assistant;
the freedom of action;
original mechanics;
duels between clans;
system of achievements and awards.
Added Helicopters!

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