Wall of insanity


System requirements Wall of insanity:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel pentium g4560
Video card: Gtx 650
Disk space: 4 GB


Wall of insanity

Wall of insanity is a mystical adventure and intense shooter set in a mysterious otherworldly world.

Intriguing plot

The detention of dangerous sectarians led to unforeseen consequences, as a result of which a detachment of policemen suddenly disappears, under very mysterious circumstances. As soon as the fighters arrived for them, they just found an empty abandoned house, from where all the fun begins … We strongly recommend that you download Wall of insanity torrent on your pc and tickle your nerves from an exciting passage.

How far will you dare to go?

Participants will face the unknown in a world of madness, fear and anxiety. Your difficult journey through the abyss will be dangerous, leaving no hope. You have to participate in intense battles, with various opponents, in gloomy locations that are fraught with many secrets, armed with a rich arsenal of firearms.

Main features of the game

An ominous environment with many secrets and threats.
All sorts of traps and waiting enemies.
The right tactics will help you save your life.
Useful items and weapons.
Search for secrets and documents.
Exploration of locations to replenish your arsenal.

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