Waiting For The Raven


System requirements Waiting For The Raven:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Pentium D / Athlon 64 X2
Video card: GeForce 8600 GT / Radeon HD 2600XT
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 2 GB


Waiting For The Raven

Being a ruler is not so easy, because you have to take part in various meetings. Discussions and even conspiracies. The main disadvantage of this state of affairs may be that you yourself can become the object of the conspiracy. And in the game Waiting For The Raven, you have to understand whether to prepare a conspiracy against you or against another ruler. Especially for such a case, not only a variety of dialogue options will be provided, but also a variety of elements of interaction with other empires, the right combination of which will provide you with good protection. This state of affairs can be unique and unpredictable, which will greatly increase interest in the gameplay.

More about the game

The first thing I would like to note about this adventure is variability. Each scenario that you run will give you a wide variety of details and possibilities. It should be understood that not all options will lead to a positive outcome, sometimes you have to actively act and try to correctly use any available opportunities to analyze and understand the entire situation. Especially for such a case, the developers have created unique combinations that are difficult to calculate. But you will be happy to watch the development of the plot and try to adjust all the available environment for yourself. We suggest you download Waiting For The Raven via torrent on your PC for free and after that all the ways and actions will be available to you.

Varied plot

Another fun side of the adventure is the generation of random events and results after decisions are made. The random generation system will cover the most varied aspects of the game’s adventure and will be dynamic at the same time. Such an opportunity will allow each time to enjoy new events and other interesting results of a combination of certain activities.


You just need to try to analyze all the available options for the development of events. Therefore, your every adventure will be unique and unpredictable as much as possible. In the meantime, we suggest that you simply download the Waiting For The Raven torrent on your PC to get active and enjoy all the adventures available. Take on the role of the ruler of a large empire and try to achieve success in your activities. Be careful, traitors can be not only among neighboring rulers, but also within your elite.

Game features

A unique system for dynamically generating random events and results to help you achieve success.
An opportunity to prove yourself as the best ruler of the empire.
An unpredictable course of events that will surprise you in a new way every time.
Do not forget about the development of the empire and political games, otherwise rivals will quickly crush you with their authority.

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