System requirements WAIFU WARS ONLINE

Video Card: DirectX 10+
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Disk Space: 9 GB
Gamepad Support: Full



A game project called WAIFU WARS ONLINE combines an active third-person shooter with RPG elements. Perfect for those who prefer active actions, rather than sitting in ambushes and waiting for the enemy. If you prefer racing through, fighting at the same time dozens of your enemies, the presented shooter will be just for you.

More about the game

It should be noted that the game itself is made in space style. It will have 41 cards with various non-recurring mini-tasks. However, the most important missions are quite simple and understandable: you need to destroy all the monsters, collect the necessary items and win. Also, in the game settings, you can choose the mode of your own preference, because here a third-person and first-person view is implemented. If you like projects of this kind, which will be full of space adventures, aliens and constant battles, then you need to visit our game portal to download the WAIFU WARS ONLINE torrent there. Humanity is waiting for your help.

Various monsters

Speaking about the differences between the presented project and most games of this genre, it should be noted that here your opponents will not be at all familiar to you aliens or creatures in the likeness of an Alien. There will be real monsters from Hell, that is, dragons, orcs, demons, gargoyles. For the characters presented, you need to find your own way of destruction, because they have different strengths and weaknesses.

RPG elements and weapons

Before you start a fight in the game WAIFU WARS ONLINE, you must make all the changes to the characterization of your character, pick up the necessary battle skills, weapons for the battle. A new level needs an individual selection of abilities for passing. You can not leave everything from the previous one, otherwise there is a high probability of losing.

Game Features:

the presence of two game modes: a survival game with AI and the ability to play with other gamers in PvP-Deathmatch;
access to 41 cards is open;
a huge number of different monsters who escaped from the underworld and want to capture everything;
huge weapons arsenal;
in the battle system you can not hesitate, your character must constantly be in motion and try to dodge enemy attacks;
unique abilities, various types of weapons and the ability to choose characteristics.

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