VR Regatta

System requirements VR Regatta:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i5-4590 or better
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 or better
Disk Space: 5 GB



VR Regatta

We constantly monitor the latest in the sports entertainment genre and assure that the project will definitely appeal to even the most demanding gaming soul. Moreover, the virtual reality genre is involved here, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the interactive entertainment market. Players increasingly began to demand projects in this genre, so game creators actively began to release new projects. Now, we present for you the computer game VR Regatta.

More about the game

For the most part, these will be sports simulators requiring not only excellent pastime, but also active actions. And if you add also a huge number of impressions and a willingness to achieve the desired goal, then you get just a bomb mixture. Regarding the presented VR Regatta game project, in it you will have to take control of the sailboat and win the competition with your opponents.

Start of competition

We think you already managed to understand that this time you are offered to become a participant in absolutely original competitions and do everything to get a winning result in them. But first of all, you need to follow the link to our Internet resource and download the VR Regatta torrent there and then you can enjoy the drive of the competition. You will receive for yourself a small yacht that goes sailing. The main task will be to skillfully drive this vehicle, gain more speed and conquer all. To complete this task, you need to be much more agile than your competitors, so we recommend that you practice a little before the start and then you have to get to the desired goal.

Unpredictable Outcome

You also need to note another such moment in the game as unpredictability. After all, if the situation is calm and the result will depend only on your skills, then you should not worry much about it. But if some unforeseen circumstances begin to arise that will not affect the competition in the best way (for example, an incurred wind, a storm or fog), then you need to adapt to the situation.

In addition, your vehicle may fail or a huge tanker will appear on the way. Such randomness in situations makes its own edits in adventures and can even cause your defeat. Therefore, if you decide to download the VR Regatta torrent on our Internet portal, you should be mindful of care and vigilance. Be sure to monitor the situation and make the necessary decisions in time.

An excellent addition for VR Regatta gamers will be the ability to independently control a floating vehicle, the ability to change its design, introduce some elements of customization. Therefore, you should not waste time in vain, but it is better to start training in order to win this regatta. Only the most effective actions contribute to a positive result. We can only wish you good luck and have a good time!

Game features

a chance to participate in an unusual contest;
personal yacht;
colorful graphic design;
elements of customization;
full random in events.

On this page you can download the game VR Regatta via torrent for free on PC.



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