System requirements Viviette:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Dual Core (1.6 GHz)
Video Card: 256 MB, OpenGL
Disk space: 40 MB




Viviette – fascinating pixel horror from the top, in which you are waiting for numerous trials, dozens of simple but unusual puzzles, and adventures.
Go to an unusual and rather strange place, teeming with ghosts and ghosts, and find out everything you can about what happened here in the distant past. But remember, this place has a tragic past and not all of its secrets will be useful. And also beware of a dangerous monster, a creature that always appears at the most unexpected moment.


The most important advantage of this game is its atmosphere. You will wander around a huge house, and every time something will happen to you that you will never expect. Moreover, you will not be left with the feeling that you are being watched, and for good reason – every time a local monster will attack you, and believe me, it is not friendly in any way. But you should not be too afraid, because you can always run away from him, hide in the shadows, or even deceive and cheat. Turn off the lamps, sneak, run, or just stand in a shadowed corner, and perhaps it will pass along and not notice you.

As for the game process as a whole, it is based on the standard mechanics of the genre. This is a study of the surrounding world, and the search for key subjects, and the solution of numerous puzzles, each of which will have some kind of plot background, and many solutions, on which the development of the storyline will depend. By the way, in Viviette you will find several endings at once.

Be careful, explore every corner of this unusual building, be alert and try not to be caught by a creature that wanders in search of another victim, solve puzzles, influence the storyline, guess riddles and collect documents scattered throughout the rooms, and get out of here whatever it takes.



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