Victory Command


System requirements Victory Command

Operating system: Windows Vista SP2
Processor: 2.6 GHz dual core
HDD: 4 GB hard disk space
Video card: GeForce 400 or ATI Radeon 5000 series
DirectX Version: 10
Network: Internet connection
As well as: Keyboard, mouse

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Victory Command

Many have already forgotten that the studio Petroglyph Games in 2013 created a Kickstarter campaign to develop a game about the Second World War Victory. Then luck turned away from the developers – it was not possible to collect the required amount. But they weren’t upset and created a Gray Goo strategy dedicated to space. Recently, however, talk about Victory has begun with renewed vigor. More precisely, about the Victory Command. Not only the name has changed, but also the concept. Now we will talk about the wars of our time. The project is supported by Neoact (Korea). She is familiar to many from the game Chaos Online, sustained in the MOBA genre.

More about the game

By the way, do you know why you need to download Victory Command via torrent for Dota fans? This is because it is a mixture of real-time strategy and MOBA. And it turned out to be a very harmonious combination. If in many MOBA games there is sometimes an imbalance, that is, a situation in which one team wins without much effort in seemingly equal conditions, then this probability is minimized. In order for players of the same level to find each other, a management system is provided. There is no doubt that there will be a lot of players: first, the genre is interesting; secondly, it will be distributed free of charge.


The set of advantages of the project suggests that it will find its place in a highly competitive environment. Now let’s answer the question about the release time. In general, the developer says that he strives to create the best team game, so he is not going to rush. Long-term testing will allow the RTS and MOBA genres to be even more united.

Game features

– fights take place in the “five by five” mode;
– you can move around any part of the map;
– there are hundreds of options for the style of play;
– there are about thirty units, among them there is also “heaviness” – armored vehicles.

After all that has been said, it becomes finally clear why this game is called Victory Command. It focuses on interaction, it is one hundred percent project in the spirit of PvP. If there is even one weak link, then defeat is guaranteed. Thus, the average team can beat the one in which there are four excellent players and one, so to speak, inferior. Such is the multiplayer chess, even if this comparison sounds not too original, but it reflects the essence accurately. Yes, it’s great that the project has found a second life!

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