Vicious Gambling Agreement

System requirements Vicious Gambling Agreement

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64bit
CPU: i5-4460
Video Card: GTX 950
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 10 GB


Vicious Gambling Agreement

Here is a novelty in the RPG genre called Vicious Gambling Agreement, in which you have to go on exciting adventures. In the olden days, orcs peacefully coexisted with the human race. For a long time they shared different events of life, whether it be sadness, joy or hatred. But something happened and it influenced the peaceful way. Light shone from the sky, and black smoke swirled above the ground. No one had seen such an apocalyptic picture before, screams came from all sides, they were mixed by desperate calls for help, groans of pain.

More about the game

The world around us turned blood red and everything changed. After such a fierce battle, tribes of people and orcs became infected with some kind of virus. And now all is governed by a single desire – to get power in their own hands. If you like such an adventure, then first you need to download the Vicious Gambling Agreement torrent on our online portal for free. Angels have ruled the world for a long period of time, they were seduced by a power that brought only evil and now firmly established themselves here, taking control of all available territory. Evil settled in their souls, they are tarnished by power and succumbed to evil tricks.


A soldier who performs in a battle with them should remain calm, but at the same time he has a chance to gain tremendous strength. In addition to the struggle, he knows no other life, he never had any other way but to fight. But there was a secret power that supported him. In order to fight with the leaders of the Vicious Gambling Agreement, you need to rely on the quality of your weapons, after which you can gradually challenge the main evil of this world and fight them. Evil force can deal damage to weapons and help the enemy. The shield of angels is used to improve their own preventive power. Angels and dark forces provide you with the opportunity to choose a battle, and you can do so, and then absorb all the magical energy.

Game features

All the events in the game Vicious Gambling Agreement take place in a fantasy world, but it is rather gloomy. Previously, people lived here, orcs, angels, evil lurked somewhere. And life went on until a war broke out. Now chaos reigns everywhere, people engage in battles with orcs. And it turns out complete absurdity, because at some moments people lose their humanity, and the orcs, on the contrary, begin to do something good. You need to adapt and stay alive in this strange world. The game you will be for an ordinary soldier, he is a man. The game itself is not complicated, and almost everywhere a simple game scheme is implemented. You have to travel through the open world, engage in battle with many opponents, improve and upgrade your abilities, collect loot, complete these missions, etc. At the end of the game you must become much stronger and more agile, and also destroy the evil that has captured your world.

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