System requirements Vesper

OS: Windows 10
Gamepad support: Full



Vesper is an action platformer with puzzle and puzzle elements. In the process of passing, the main character will find himself on a distant planet where dangerous robotic creatures live, and the remnants of the greatness of an extinct civilization are visible everywhere. You need to play as an android who travels the planet and tries to hide from the pursuit of evil robots. This is an action, logic and arcade game developed by Cordens Interactive for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the stylistics of fantasy, and the following features can be distinguished: 2d-platformer, 2d, puzzle-platformer, stealth, action.

More about the game

The main character dreams of getting an ancient artifact that will help revive his civilization and put an end to the dark times. The plot of the game is distinguished by an interesting presentation and rather modest, silent characters. But be prepared for the fact that the events in the game are developing quite rapidly and take place in various locations.

Game features

The gameplay of the game is a puzzle platformer in which you need to run a lot, jump and solve various puzzles. Very often, in order to get around traps and obstacles, you will have to use logic and unique skills of the main character. You can also count on the help of other robots, a mechanical dog and a wide range of weapons. The graphics of the game are quite high quality, made in dark shades to convey a gloomy atmosphere.

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