System requirements Vengeance:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: A CPU released in the last few years
Video Card: DirectX11 with 1 GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 10 GB




Military clashes often cause total chaos. But sometimes just such clashes are the last chance to restore peace. Today we want to offer you to go on a fascinating adventure Vengeance, which will allow you to take on the role of a professional mercenary, who must fight in a hot spot and perform all assigned tasks. The main problem in this adventure will be that now in the conditions of this war I will encounter simple mercenaries, and military and other personalities who plan to inflate even greater chaos. In any case, it will be enough for you to just shoot accurately and try not to back down from your beliefs.

More about the game

Your main advantage will be that you can use various weapons to achieve success. You will have machine guns, pistols, grenades and more. Do not think that this arsenal will not be enough for the game, because only with it you will be able to achieve a good result in your adventure. There will be a lot of enemies and far from all of them will give you a head start. It is necessary to shoot faster, get weapons and try to gain an advantage. You will need to act alone in spite of all the problems and other tests. And for the first steps, you just need to download Vengeance via torrent to PC for free.

Dangerous territory

I would also like to say that you have to go on an adventure in the rear of a hot spot. This means that you will constantly be surrounded by various armed forces, you have to clearly adapt to all available adventures and just try to achieve a good result. Do not worry, if you have a good reaction and a willingness to act actively, then no one can break you. It will be enough just to enjoy a favorable game and try to complete all the tasks. And for this case, we recommend that you simply download the Vengeance torrent to your PC and prepare for this dangerous war.

The time has come to put an end to this confrontation. Try to destroy everyone and not doubt their actions. We suggest you just enjoy the game and enjoy the favorable atmosphere of adventure. The war will temper you, train your shooting and show how dangerous the wrong decision or inattention can sometimes be.

Game features

A choice of over 20 types of weapons will be available.
A variety of cards will require a certain style of play.
Several game modes.
Additional tests for training personal skills.

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