Vellum 2.6.3

System requirements Vellum 2.6.3

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Vellum 2.6.3

Vellum 2.6.3 for Mac OS allows authors and small publishers to easily create beautiful eBooks for iBooks, Kindle and Nook. Authors, writers and small publishers face the challenge of creating e-books every day. They need to design books so that they are equally readable on the screens of popular electronic devices, have compatible formats and are also easy to read on paper. Many applications and web services allow you to convert existing texts into e-book formats, but this usually leads to disappointing results.

More about the program

Having launched the application, you can create a new book from scratch and enter text directly into the application using the keyboard or through drag-n-drop, or open a ready-made document in .docx format. When you open existing files, Vellum 2.6.3 will automatically convert them to its own format and also, automatically, will detect headings, subheadings, chapters, dividing patterns and other important elements of the book. A special page has been created on the application’s website about how to properly prepare the source file for fast conversion to Vallum.

Book chapters

Vellum 2.6.3 has a panel on the left that contains the chapters of the book. With the help of a special button below you can add basic necessary chapters to the book, such as copyright, introduction, epigraph, about the author and much more. By clicking on a chapter, you can quickly jump through the contents of a future book. Follow the plot and correct errors found or add the necessary lines. In the text editing window, you have the basic tools for working with text. You can create headings, subheadings, bold text, small capitals, quotes, and more.

Visual themes

When the text of the book is ready, then before releasing it on sale, you can choose from 8 available visual styles. Different styles contain different layouts, different fonts. Some are more suitable for modern literature, and some will complement the text of historical events with their appearance.

View function

In theme selection mode or while in editing mode, you can open the preview pane. This panel will display your book inscribed on the screen of iPhone, iPhone and other devices. In this mode, you can navigate through the pages, change the font size and type, and also see how convenient it is to read your book if the reader turns on the sepia theme or night mode in iBooks.

Book publication

By clicking on the title of the book on the left panel, you will see a window with information about the book, where you need to enter the author’s name, title of the book, its main language, ISBN code and edition version. In the same window, you choose the cover and your e-book is ready to surf the vastness of electronic online stores and make you incredibly rich. Now you just have to click on the “generate” button and the book will be ready for export to iBooks, Nook and Kindle formats.

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