Vambrace Cold Soul

System requirements Vambrace Cold Soul

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3 2.66 GHz
RAM: 2048 Mb
Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0c compatible audio card
Graphics Accelerator: 1024 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
Free space on HDD: 5 Gb



Vambrace Cold Soul

More recently, the small town of Ledovitsa was famous throughout the world for its beauty and hospitality. But these days have long sunk into oblivion – we suggest you download the Vambrace Cold Soul torrent on our website and see for yourself how Dark and horror enveloped the unfortunate town. After the merciless King of Shadows attacked this land, everything here was in the grip of a fierce blizzard, and people who died many years ago rose from their graves by his will. Only a few surviving residents of Ledovitsa managed to escape in the ancient catacombs, but it seems that they have no chances and prospects. The only one they can still hope for is Evelia Lyric. So you need to download Vambrace Cold Soul through a torrent from our website and help the main character save this glorious city from the terrible King of Shadows.

More about the game

The main character of the game Vambrace Cold Soul, which you can download torrent on our portal, is a mysterious girl named Evelia Lyrica. Its strength lies in ancient enchanted bracers, which have the ability to inflict terrible damage to the dead, because any other weapon against them is powerless. With the help of these bracers, as well as the many allies that you have to recruit, you can defeat all the living dead and defeat the terrible King of Darkness. Gather a squad of brave heroes and boldly go to the battle with Evil.

Story line

Before downloading Vambrace Cold Soul torrent, we want to please you – the developers allowed you to independently control the development of each member of your squad. Now you can not only choose what skills to pump your wards, but also equip them with weapons, armor and equipment – they can be purchased in the nearest city or obtained as trophies.

Game benefits

Game narration includes 7 large-scale chapters;
Many additional tasks that allow you to open unique costumes for members of the Evelya squad;
Each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses. Study them carefully to make your squad as effective as possible against any opponents.
Build equipment using the skills of your heroes and crafting;
Carefully planning and preparing for each mission is the key to success.
At locations there are many caches. Some of these store Codex pages. Collecting them, you will learn various interesting knowledge, some of which will help you in the fight against the King of Darkness.

On this page you can download the game Vambrace Cold Soul torrent free on PC.



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